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”The Catt Concept” In six languages ;

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EMC Open Forum

TEM Wave. A lost concept

EMC – A Fatally Flawed Discipline

Beginning of Catt autobiography.

Catt’s father Syd’s autobiography.  Photo and Letters

Position Statement. 27 June 1977 ; Discussion in 2010

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The Kernel Machine


Electromagnetism Index

Discussion with Greg Volk of "Natural Philosophy Alliance" . April 2011

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Historic April 2013 article  x3216.pdf

IEEE Publications

Special Relativity and The Rolling Wave

Sept 2012. Electromagnetic Induction .

The new model for a charged capacitor .

Physics and Maths  September 2012

Professor Kip's Rolling Wave

Dialogue with Professor Josephson, April 2012

The End of Electric Charge and Electric Current as we know them .

The End of ElectricCharge and Electric Current as we know them. Electronics World, January/February 2011. Also September 2011

Does Faraday Allow Superposition?   NPA article, 2011

Physical Forces from Electromagnetism

Dr. David Walton on Energy Current.

Discussing Displacement Current  December 2011

Forrest Bishop on Electromagnetism in 2006

A 2012 paper

Forrest on Catt. 2012

Einstein at 16 ; 2


"Reforming Electromagnetic Units, Equations, and Concepts: An Extension of Ivor Catt’s Theory”, by Forrest Bishop, 2012

The revolutionary ideas. Welcome to Catt's World

2010 The End of Electric Charge and Current as we know them

The baleful effect of the myth of E causing H causing E.

My first ever published paper. "Time Loss Through Gating of Asynchronous Logic Signal Pulses." This intentionally misleading title got it past the journal referees. It is a first. Nobody else succeeded in getting past the referees until many years later. The subject was and remains taboo. It is the Synchroniser, or Arbiter, problem. I call it "The Glitch". p1 , p2 , p3 , p4

em July 2011   David J Kinniment  They did not believe a problem existed, and if it did, they didn’t want to know. Nevertheless, he wrote a short note about it and got it published in an IEEE journal in 1966. The note is written rather obscurely, and has errors in it, but the drift is clear, there’s a problem.” Also see Tom Chaney

The book; Death of Electric Current ; 1

EMC; A Fatally Flawed Discipline?  Also here

Curvilinear Squares

The first experiment which establishes a Catt theory

Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Energy Transfer

The Hidden Message in Maxwell's Eqiations

The Nature of Space. March 2010 . Writings in March 2010; x0359 , x0357 , x0357b , x0307 , x0302 , x0303 , x0304 , x0305 , x0309 , x0356 , x0357b , x0357c , x0358 ,  ( x0301 , x0360 )

Force between two conductors guiding a TEM Wave. 1 , 2 . Also at 1 , 2

The Square Capacitor

Telegrapher's Equation

Professor Robert Kiehen and Electricity

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Guide to Electromagnetism Index

Advance into the Past. The Nub of Computation.

Catt's Electromagnetic Theory

"History of Displacement Current"    Also here

Comments on Introduction to Ivor Catt, "Electromagnetism 1" ;

Comments on Chapter 2_1 of

Discussion of Chapter 1_1

Battery and resistor. Steady state

Discussion of Chapter 1_4

Partial reflection in a transmission line.

Also "Measuring a TEM Wave"

Discussion of Chapter 4_5

Dynamic capacitor

Discussion of Chapter 4_6

Simplifying the transformer


Crosstalk (Noise) in Digital Systems currents in two directions ;

2014. The latest advances in the theory of crosstalk?

Two IEEE papers

The electron . htm

Self resonant frequency of a capacitor . htm

The Heaviside Signal .

Heaviside 1913 letter to his best friend. Re Preece (called “P”), head of Post Office Research, suppressing Heaviside. . (Middle of page 2.)

Nonsense about self resonant frequency .

Forgotten theory .

Genesis of Theory C .

Discussion of Theory C

The Railon .

The new railway theory .

Displacement Current Drivel .

Electromagnetism fundamentals; The Balloon .

Mathverse .

Fundamentals of Electromagnetism; Measuring a TEM Wave .

Single Velocity Universe .

The IEE Rumbles Catt .

E-M 9sep02 .

Mike Gibson; Two turn inductor . Unfortunately the links to Gibson are missing and I have lost contact with him.

Two turn inductor; instructions . Links missing.

Two turn inductor; instructions . Links missing.

Displacement Current dec78 . , Discussion of the article "Displacement Current"

TX theory for inductor and transformer; politics .

Findamentals of Electromagnetic Energy Transfer (in German) September 1984

The hidden message in Maxwell's equations in German German.

Hidden Message in Maxwell’s Equations .

The deeper hidden message in Maxwell’s Equations .

A Mathematical Rake’s Progress .

The History of Maxwell’s Equations .

The German Lecture .

Pepper FRS on The Catt Anomaly .

McEwan on The Catt Anomaly .

The Apelet .


Hits on Google for "TEM Wave" .

Where science has gone wrong’ T. Theocharis et al. .

Electric Motor


Tweaker on Catt Anomaly .

Scandals in Electromagnetic Theory

Doppler and magnetic force; Mike Gibson


Kuhn broke the mould

The Betrayal of science by 'modern physics'

Catt Anomaly; IEE Electromagnetics Forum

re new website

Documents for Electronics World

Decoupling High Speed Logic

Longer replies to letters in Electronics World on EMC

Ivall retreats from The Catt Anomaly

“Mr. Catt returns”

Cambridge Hypocrisy; Cambridge Alumni Magazine. and somewhat different;


Nobel Prizewinner Brian Josephson on the TEM Wave.

Feynman and the TEM Wave

Mike Gibson on Heaviside and modern Physics

Trying to get e = mc2 out of classical electromagnetism

The Charged Capacitor

Catt theories March 2009

Displacement Current and Light as Electromagnetic (read into Maxwell's Equations).

Professor Lewin of MIT lectures on Displacement Current.

Discussion of Catt theories in February 2009.

Barriers to advance in electromagnetic theory.


Problems with Faraday's Law.

The Single Velocity Universe.

First Seminar


Theory N and Theory C


Early Maxwell on Electric Displacement


Dinner at High Table






Ken Johnson








Analysis of the Development of Electromagnetic Theory


Electromagnetism Synthesis, early 2010


The TEM Wave


A TEM World.

Fundamentals of Electromagnetism

The TEM Wave; A Lost Concept. and

Tektronix 109 Reed Relay Pulse Generator Proposal of crucial experiment to validate the Contrapuntal, or Catt, model for a charged capacitor

Relative phase of E and H in a TEM Wave.

Physical forces from Electromagnetism. Superposed TEM Waves cause physical forces, leading the the link between electromagnetism and gravity.

Feynman and the TEM Wave.

Josephson and the TEM Wave.

The historical background of "The Catt Question".

Catt and the Dissidents.


Forrest Bishop; The Fine-structure Constant and Some Relationships Between the Electromagnetic Wave Constants


The Sine Wave

The Wave

"The Catt Question" in "Electronics World, May 2009";

The Narrow Band Filter


The Catt Question

Catt Anomaly / IEE .

Catt Anomaly / IEE .

Catt Anomaly / IEE .

The Catt Anomaly; 2001 edition of book .

Catt Anomaly; AIDS .

Catt Anomaly; The background .

Catt Anomaly; Philosophical extracts . ttp://

Catt Anomaly; Relativity .

The Catt Anomaly; Who are the experts? .

The Catt Question

The Catt Question - The EW Challenge

Tweaker's Asylum

IEE Article on The Catt Question

Article/Letter entitled "The Catt Question" as presented to the Editor for publication in "Electronics World" in May 2009. .

Article as published, May 2009 -

Letter to Lord Rees etc. about the Catt letter published in "Electronics World in May 2009.

Historical background of The Catt Question -




Spectator article 1974

Whig Science and its Fellow Travellers

Is Science limited to Scientific Method?

Polanyi , 2 , Polanyi and Kuhn


Harry Ricker and "Theory C"

Why does the expert not understand?


The Rise and Fall of Bodies of Knowledge

The Rise and Fall of Bodies of Knowledge

Philosophical/Political Articles

Comments on Mike Gibson; The Solvay Mafia

Hiram Caton. Truth Management in the Sciences

Better version

Letter to those responsible for Electromagnetic Theory

The Defence of Classical Electromagnetism

Power versus Scholarship in Cambridge

Huxley + New Scientist

Huxley's letter

Fund Raising for Cambridge

McEwan's Snow Job

The Diagonal

The Historian's View of Theory C

The Crime of Galileo

The Catt Question in 2,000

Where's the Meat?

Embracing Theory C.

The relationship between the published word and the www.

Can hi technology gain real foothold in the UK?

Censorship. The Smoking Gun.

Nigel Cook .


End of Electromagnetism Section

“The Spectator” 1974.  Spectator article 1974  The great con game  Three articles in between  The Fettered Giant

A similar article .

The Conquest of Truth

Catt Spiral



L Floridi

2012. Science and Politics .

Forrest Bishop. "The Science of Censorship"

Letter from B Dunkley, Editor, Proc. IEE (now IET)


IEE/IET Editor

Donald W Miller, Jr. And again

Professor Mati Nissani  And again

Gordon Moran  Also Gordon

The paper "The End of Electric Charge and Electric Current as we know them" and Jim Calder, Editor of Proc. IEEE

The Rise and Fall of Bodies of Knowledge

The Clever take the Brilliant

Letter from Hiram Caton

"Truth Management in the Sciences" by Hiram Caton.

More on Censorship

Even more on censorship

Yet more on censorship

Censorship in Wikipedia

"Nature Physics" and May Chiao

The Scientific Referee System

The Scientific Referee System and The Scientific Referee System by M H MacRoberts and B R MacRoberts

Polanyi on paradigm change

Suppression, Censorship and Dogmatism in Science


Relativity Sceptics


Line Printer and Violin .



Excluded Fathers


Social Justice Outcomes Framework

Best Interest of the Child

The Government Poodle-Man

Fiebert on Domestic Violence

A selection of Catt articles on Excluded Fathers

"Women on Top" by Stephen Baskerville


Hertfordshire Action on Disability botched a test


9/11 Twin Towers


Kurt Metzer; The Crucifixion


Jews in Bohemia and Moravia




More on censorship ; 2013 try


Comments on " Electromagnetism 1" by Ivor Catt





Even more on censorship


Yet more on censorship


The deeper hidden message in Maxwell’s Equations


The Narrow Band Filter


More on Censorship


Platonists today


By Professor Post


Post to Theory C


Catt's Litter


Physics and Maths

Maths and Physics


Turing and the Computer

Catt in Wireless World on Modern Physics

Theory of Flight .

Martin Eccles; The End Game .

Academic apes .

The Rise and Fall of Bodies of Knowledge .

Carver Mead

Science, Sociology and Philosophy

Whig History of Science

Air Traffic Control; Nigel Cook

The Kernel Machine; Background articles

The Kernel Logic Machine

Can high technology gain a real foothold in the U.K? My 18, p12, Computer Weekly, 1978

Censorship on Wikipedia.

The Speck and the Beam