Catt theory



Discussion of Catt Theories

Ivor Catt 7th February 2009

A central feature of Catt theory, not sufficiently emphasised, is the concept of the "single velocity universe" SVU. Under this concept, nothing can stay stationary, or travel at slower than the speed of light.

The student who does not accept this revolutionary concept can still profit from much of the theories of Catt, but is will probably be simpler for him if he bears this idea in mind when reading the writings of Catt.

SVU is preceded by Catt's attempt to build up everything that exists out of TEM Waves (energy current). An attempt to build an electron is at "The Electron" . An attempt to build a crystal is at Figure 20 . Since the TEM Wave is so versatile, this is justified under Occam's Razor .

The key justification of SVU is given in some of my books. See "Digital Hardware Design" and "Electromagnetics 1" , preferably the latter. Note that zero (velocity) is not one solution to the equations. The only soluotions are +c and -c.


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