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Censorship on Wikipedia

I shall begin to log my experience when I modify a page in Wikipedia and it is always promptly removed. I don't know whether it is removed by those who control Wikipedia, or other independent parties.

24.5.09 Wikipedia, first hit out of 46,000 on Google for "self resonant frequency";

"In electronics, capacitors and inductors have parasitic inductance and capacitance, respectively. Since a capacitor and inductor in series creates an oscillating circuit, all capacitors and inductors will oscillate when stimulated with a step impulse. The frequency of this oscillation is the self-resonant frequency (SRF).

A capacitor or inductor behaves ideally only when its working frequency is well below the self-resonant frequency. As its working frequency increases, the effects of the parasitic inductance or capacitance became more pronounced until its self-resonant frequency, when the effective capacitance or inductance is zero since it is canceled by its counterpart.

This number is commonly published for each capacitor or inductor by the manufacturer."

I now add at the end;

"However, Google hit no. 3 is http://www.ivorcatt.com/2603.htm , where I say that series inductance does not exist in a capacitor, so "self resonant frequency" does not exist in a capacitor." and "A capacitor does not have a self resonant frequency."

I was rejected, and attempted to log in. I was rejected for "invalid confirmation code".

The Fairy-Tale Cult of Wikipedia





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