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Ivor Catt, 2008

An email from a year ago.

[?]Heaviside failed to notice that[?], under his statement "We reverse this"; the field causes the current not the reverse, and under his "slab of energy current", the battery yearns to deliver, not electric charge/current into the wires, but electromagnetic field into the space/dielectric between the guiding conductors. The battery is more accurately drawn in Figures 33 and 34 rather than in Figures 31 and 32, http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/2_4.htm If the two conductors are properly in place, the electromagnetic field ExH travels forward, guided by the wires, at the speed of light. If the circuit is terminated by a capacitor, it arrives at the side of the capacitor, not at the middle ot its two plates, as our diagrams indicate. In the same way as Figures 33 and 34 correct our conventional drawing of a battery (Figures 31 and 32) and make them more like physical reality, Figures 33 and 34, so the physical reality of our capacitors is not as we draw capacitors. Rather, the input wires enter one end of the capacitor, guiding the incident TEM Wave ExH directly into the space/dielectric between the capacitor plates.
Like Heaviside, Roentgen had no idea of all the above, and it would be far too much work to unscramble his experiments, based by him on the wrong premise, and work out what he really found. Of course, he did not find a magnetic field circumnavigating the capacitor between the two plates, (as per Ampere's Law,) because the advancing TEM ExH wave, has a magnetic field in another direction, at right angles to the direction of the incident TEM Wave. Most of the incident wave is reflected at the massive change of characteristic impedance in the change from two wires (say 100 ohms) to the space between the capacitor plates (say 0.01 ohms). After this change, a small amount of the incident energy current proceeds in the space between capacitor plates, reflected at the far end, reflected at the near end to add to the further incident energy current, and so on. See Figure 3 of http://www.ivorcatt.org/icrwiworld78dec2.htm . Note that the exponential is a wrong waveform for the charging of a capacitor by battery through resistor, which is really a series of steps which only approximate to an exponential.

If you mess around with theorists who theorised before key insights were gained, then even if you feel you are finding useful truths, they are really like those of Nostradamus, or monkeys typing for a long period. You cannot usefully go back to before Heaviside said; "We reverse this" - the field causes the current and not the reverse. Similarly, you cannot get useful information from those who predate 1978, http://www.ivorcatt.org/icrwiworld78dec2.htm , when it was first pointed out that the fact that incoming electric current/charge had first to spread out across the capacitor plates before yearning to jump across to the other plate. http://www.ivorcatt.com/411.htm


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Dear All,

Roentgen has measured the displacement current via the associated magnetic field. Of course the displacement current only appears when the charge is changing, that is the only time the magnetic field appears ie when the displaced charges move, no movement of charges no current flowing no magnetic field.

Today I found the following link which I have not yet had time to read:


I look forward to your comments.


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Quoted in http://www.electromagnetism.demon.co.uk/z014.htm
Oliver Heaviside, Electromagnetic Theory, vol. 1, 1891, sect. 30, p29; "As the dielectric is supposed to be a non-conductor, the current is [dD/dt], and only exists when the charge is varying. .... It was probably by a consideration of conduction in a leaky condenser that Maxwell was led to his inimitable theory of the dielectric, by which he boldly cut the Gordian knot of electromagnetic theory."




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