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It is now thirty years since the "Position Statement" (below) was written. Note that our key paper "Displacement Current" had been rejected throughout the world. A year later it was published in Wireless World, but ignored for the next thirty years, for instance recently by Professor Lewin . I told May Chiao of “Nature Physics”, an offshoot of “Nature”, that if she published an article which said that a capacitor was a transmission line, that would be the end of her editorial career; certainly if the article mentioned Displacement Current. When I asked her whether electromagnetic theory was part of the remit of “Nature Physics”, she said “Yes.” However, she never replied to my letters and emails. I received one email only from her boss, when she briefly said that they could not enter into any correspondence.


The seminars continued regularly for ten years. Companies sent their staff to them. Some engineers attended twice, and one did three times. Every attender gave a positive report except one.


The seminars were profitable, and the profit was used to publish books with our theories, which were also given to those who attended the seminars. I turned into a “publishing house”, and we were surprised to find that there was no obstruction when we used this technique to get our theories into books into the British Library, where they would be available to researchers for ever into the future. Also, the books were profitable, although nearly all out of print.


The next development was the www. Having experienced so much censorship, I played safe by having websites in more than one country. Most of the books are now on the www. See "Electromagnetism 1" , "Digital Hardware Design" ; “Digital Electronic Design” vol 1 , vol 2 ; “Electromagnetic Theory” vol 1 , vol 2 ; "Oliver Heaviside, the Man" .




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22 June 1977.

Electromagnetic Theory.

Research by I Catt, M. Davidson and D.S. Walton.

Attempts to communicate advances made more than a year ago have been blocked by all the professional journals and institutions, so that by now there is a very large gap between the C- D-W state of the art on the one hard and the material they are communicating on the other.

Ivor Catt slipped in 110 words into the IEEE Trans. Comput. to the effect that a capacitor is a transmission line, but C - D - W have had no success in communicating any further. A paper entitled "Maxwell's Displacement Current" has been rejected by some 20 journals in Britain and the U.S.A   The dialogue on this matter with the IEE [now IET] (who refused to give reasons for rejection) was bitter, culminating in a row at the IEE's A.G.M. for 1977. It will be renewed at the 1978 A.G.M. , probably.

In June 1977 C - D - W tried another route towards airing the subject of digital design leading to a discussion of E-M theory by holding a seminar at THEOBALD's COLLEGE, WALTHAM CROSS, HERTS.

16 attended from major companies and the 48 hour seminar was a big success. An identical seminar will be held in October 26 - 28, 1977.

Energy Current was pushed C - D - W at the seminar, and the oft rejected paper on "Displacement Current" was given to each attender.

The £200 profit from the first seminar plus the hoped for profit from the second is expected to fully fund the printing of a text book which will contain a few of our E-M theory disclosures. Further disclosures will follow with the addition of further chapters.

[signed] Ivor Catt


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