Feynman and the TEM Wave



Josephson and the TEM Wave

Mid December 2008

So you dismiss "The Heaviside Signal" [version of the TEM Wave] as misguided. Please confirm that the equations imply "The Rolling Wave", with H causing E causing H. (""that's what the equations, .... imply."" - Brian Josephson)
I am very much interested in what you say." - Ivor Catt

"I don't know -- it all comes out of the maths. You can I believe include pressure and momentum in the theory, but these are 2nd. order in the field strengths in contrast to the case of sound where it is first order. You say Heaviside oscillated between 2 theories but I'm not so sure these were different theories rather than different forms of description.

You are assuming a force is necessary to make the wave move [No. Ivor Catt], but a moving pattern is not the same as actual motion. This is different from a sound wave where gas is actually moving. Re cause and effect, the mathematician considers this as mere interpretation and sticks to the equations. That quick response is about all I have time for, I'm afraid. ([Later email]. Extra time would not have added significant extra wisdom.)" - Prof. Brian D. Josephson