"Electronics World", May 2009, p16





Letter to Lord Rees etc.

Lord Martin Rees, Professor Martin Rees, Sir Michael Pepper FRS, Brian Josephson , Professor Howie FRS, Dr Neil McEwan, May Chiao

18 May 2009

Dear Lord Rees, Brian Josephson, Sir Michael Pepper, Chief Executive IET,

http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/91.htm , which is published in "Electronics World" in May 2009, page 16, http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/657c1927#/657c1927/16 . calls for a reply from you. This could be by email to the editor Svetlana at SvetlanaJ@stjohnpatrick.com or at Nexus Media Communications, Media House, Azalea Drive, Swanley, Kent BR8 8HU.

The following are extracts from "Electronics World";

"It took some years to get any response at all from leading academic luminaries or from the relevant learned institutions, but in the end I got response from Sir Michael Pepper FRS , and from Dr. Neil McEwan, Reader in Electromagnetism, later replaced by Nobel Prize Winner Brian Josephson. Pepper and Josephson are both Professors at The Cavendish, and both Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge. In their replies, they totally contradicted each other."

"I took this contradiction to the Master of Trinity College, Lord Rees, asking him to do something about it in his administrative capacity. He replied that "I shall however need to get 'up to speed' on the scientific question you raise before being able to respond intelligently .... ". I replied that I approached him in his administrative capacity, not in his technical capacity. That was three years ago, and he has done nothing." [Nothing in 2018]

"But here we arrive at the core problem, which extends far beyond electromagnetic theory. Lord Rees, Josephson, Sir Michael Pepper have no inkling that with reputation comes responsibility. They have no grasp of the fact that given their high reputation and administrative responsibility, they have a duty to do something to resolve the problem which has arisen, that leading experts totally contradict each other on a rudimentary detail of electromagnetic theory."

A year ago, Josephson reported in an email that Pepper (a southerner) now agrees with him (a westerner). However, this is insufficient, for a number of reasons. First, is necessary for Sir Michael Pepper (southerner) himself say that he now agrees with the Josephson, westerner position. Then we would move on to bring forward the other remaining southerners, including Bas Lago, reviewing my book for the IEE (now IET) http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/9_review.htm where he writes; "The charges come to the surface to help the wave go by and then pass the task to other charges further along the line which are already there and waiting. This is the mechanism of guidance and containement.", which is the 1993 Pepper southerner position, as he wrote in 1993,
http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/2812.htm . This Pepper would have to repudiate, in writing. More generally, since Sir Michael Pepper was chosen by the then Master of Trinity to write on "The Catt Question", an email from someone else saying that he has changed his position is insufficient. What Pepper wrote is in the Trinity College library in a published book; "The Catt Anomaly". It has to be properly repudiated, and we can then move on to Bas Lago and other southerners, who still contradict the Josephson, westerner position.

Ivor Catt
01727 864257
121 Westfields, St. Albans AL3 4JR


http://www.suppressedscience.net/censorship-medicine.html ,
"It is a modern cliché that we live in an ‘Information Society’. We drown in data, but scientific discussions that threaten vested interests are lost at sea and scientists who insist on studying controversial theories are cast adrift."



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