Catt’s first seminar



These seminars were discussed in Electronics World, May 2004, p52.

Ivor Catt, 4mar04


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Digital Electronic

Design Seminar


Course notes, Digital Hardware Design, pub. Macmillan 1979

Middlesex Polytechnic

C.A.M. Consultants

The first seminar was held at Theobalds Park College, Waltham Cross, near Enfield, from 5pm on Wednesday 8th June 1977 to 4pm on Friday 10th June 1977

Key seminar subjects;

Cross talk (noise)

Power supply decoupling

Signal termination and drive techniques

More general background subjects;

Interference from 50Hz mains

Line drivers and receivers

Driving lamps and relays from logic

Component pulse response

Timing circuits

Chip design

Adequate instruments

Gating of asynchronous logic


Ivor Catt M.A. has seventeen years of experience in this field. He pioneered 1 nsec logic systems at Motorola Phoenix in 1964. Recently the government set up a research fellowship at the Middlesex Polytechnic to investigate his ideas on computer design.

Malcolm Davidson B.Sc. has long experience in digital design in industry. He is researching into Electromagnetic Theory in relation to digital design.

Dr. David Walton graduated in Physics at Newcastle University and then lectured at Trinity College Dublin. He is a founder director of a company manufacturing instruments for use with logic systems.

Russell Aubusson B.Sc. is a Senior Research Fellow on the C.A.M. project at the Middlesex Polytechnic. He previously worked for ten years in Integrated Circuit R & D with Ferranti Ltd.


Throwing glass at stone houses

 Theory of Flight.


Displacement Current


Catt Question


Maxwell's Equations


Moving Backwards.


TEM Wave.

The Heaviside Signal figures 4, 5.

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