Eugen Hockenjos has been involved with my electromagnetic theory for decades, but says he has only just realised a key point, which obviously should have been made clearer.

Having suppressed and forgotten about Heaviside and his pulses, classical electromagnetic theory grew out of radio and what followed, including radar. All of this was based on the sine wave. When digital electronics was introduced in the 1960s, professors felt they could ignore it, since they knew that under Fourier Series, any (periodic) waveform was merely the summation of sine waves. Thus, when presented with "The Catt Question" , they saw a combination of sine waves. In the case of a particular sine wave, electric charge on the surface of a conductor merely had to move forward and back for a quarter of a wavelength surely not much of a problem. The professor cannot see the gradual, inexorable build up of negative charge on the bottom conductor. In fact, he cannot actually see the step, or pulse.


Classical electromagnetism copes reasonably well with the steady sine wave, but fatal flaws are shown up by the voltage-current step (or TEM Wave) travelling down a coaxial cable.


Whether Fourier Series could be applied to any waveform, or only to a periodic waveform, is never properly addressed.


Eugen agrees with me that The Enlightenment is over. It was epitomised by Search After Truth. After a few generations of professionalism, as compared with the previous progressive science of rich amateurs, it came to be realised that a professional professor could not admit to having heard of a proposal for paradigm change, such as the removal of phlogiston, caloric or electricity. Thus, to approach a professor with an indication of paradigm change is to threaten him with the end of his career and pension. To the extent that he understands that paradigm change is suggested, he must not read it, or at least not understand it. It is noticeable that when presented with a proposal for paradigm change the professor will not put anything in writing. (Hear no evil, see no evil. Career damage is evil.)

No student in the world can get his professor or lecturer 2 to put anything in writing about "The Catt Question" .


Ivor Catt 25 July 2011