Comments relating to the historic April 2013 Article

The End of the Road  . In the Electronics World centenary issue, April 2013.

Index of Ivor Catt's work on Electromagnetic Theory

Discussion of the Oscilloscope pictures

Two Models for a Charged Capacitor

Is this The End of the Road?

Instruction Manual , Tektronix 109 Reed Relay Pulse Generator. (From the 1960s.)

My predictions before the Experiment was carried out. These three predictions were confirmed when Tony Wakefield carried out the experiment in 2012.

1 Predicted Results .

2 Predicted situation every 10 nsec .

3 Voltage at each point in the cable after each 10 nsec.

My statement in 1980 that electromagnetic energy cannot stand still.

(Full article p1 , p2 , p3 )

Dialogue (or monologue) with professors and journalists

It is important to realise that there is no Law which ordains that entrenched professors and associated journalists will always be able to stifle major scientific advance. The current problem is that relevant professors feel inadequate, and so are frightened of making any comment on The Wakefield Experiment or the Three Catt Questions.