Physical forces from Electromagnetism



Physical forces from electromagnetism

This follows my recent email below, and will clarify what I was saying.
On p261 we see spelled out the forces on two parallel conductors which appear when two TEM Waves from opposite directions travel through each other. Transposed to the PN interface of a diode, this means that as the voltage difference across the diode interface builds up, the TEM Waves travelling to right and to left are of the same polarity, so there is an increasing physical force of attraction. However, when the diodes "begins to conduct", the returning TEM Wave is of opposite polarity, so a force of repulsion begins to grow between P region and N region. Meanwhile, of course, more and more energy is being trapped in the very thin interface between P region and N region.

This is very far from Conventional Wisdom, which does not have TEM Waves vacillating sideways along the PN interface. Also, Conventional Wisdom ignores the idea of physical force, which I admit I tend to forget. However, not that all of this is not revolutionary. There is really no sense in denying, once it is pointed out, that the power/energy is delivered to da diode, it is delivered via the space between the two wires connected to emitter and base. It enters the diode sideways as opposed to the conventional wisdom.

Now the appearance of physical force may be irrelevant to the true working of a PN diode, but it should certianly be considered. Then we move on to consider the physical forces in a switching transistor.

You see here what a mass of potentially very rich research and discovery is blocked by the suppression of each and every insight gained from the appearance of high speed digital logic fifty years ago. It is not only revolutionary, or heretical, developments like "Theory C" that are suppressed. Even natural developments in classical electromagnetic theory during the last fifty years are suppressed and blocked, like consideration of the physical forces involved in a PN diode.

Ivor Catt

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Note , the extraordinary addition to , and which mentions Josephson.

These lines of development are so very rich, it is a tragedy that they are all suppressed.



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