Cambridge Hypocrisy


Members of Cambridge University receive CAM, the Cambridge Alumni Magazine. The magazine celebrates Watson and Crick’s discovery of Double Helix fifty years ago in Cambridge. The magazine pardons Watson’s abrasive character and exults in the “recipe” for success; the openness and rigour that Cambridge shows in academic matters.


In stark contrast, at the same time, Howie FRS, Head of the Cavendish, and (now Sir) Michael Pepper FRS, who reports to him, disagree fundamentally on the elementary basics of electromagnetic theory. They refuse to discuss their differences with each other or with us, or to say that the matter is unimportant. All other officials in Cambridge University join them in betraying the “recipe” that the editor of CAM boasts about. Will the editor of CAM allow mention of “The Catt Anomaly” in his magazine? Hold your breath! [15mar04. If you had, you would be dead. No reply from him yet.  – IC]


Ivor Catt   6apr03


cc Dr. Chris Morley, Vice-Master, Trinity College, 5apr03. Further copy sent on 26july03

Further copy sent slomail to Judge on 26july03

Further copy sent slomail to Richards on 26july03


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From: Ivor Catt


Sent: Saturday, March 29, 2003 10:06 AM

Subject: Cambridge Hypocrisy


cc Sir Paul Judge, (Chairman), CAM Board,

(Cambridge Alumni Magazine),

The University of Cambridge Development Office,

10 Trumpington Street,

Cambridge  CB2 1QA


".... The [Watson] book .... The Double Helix .... a twentieth century classic: unshackled by good taste .... Such candour was painful for Watson's fellow Nobel Prizewinners .... .... .... how to succeed in science .... above all, expose your ideas continuously to informed criticism. It's the precise recipe Cambridge science has come to espouse over the last half century: group working across disciplinary boundaries, blue skies thinking, constant interaction and rigorous criticism. ...." - Peter Richards, Editor, Cambridge Alumni Magazine, No 23, Lent Term 2003, p3


To Peter Richards, Editor, Cambridge Alumni Magazine.

I would like to write about "The Catt Anomaly" in your journal CAM, Cambridge Alumni Magazine. How much copy would you like me to submit? I could do a very brief piece with hyperlink to further material on the www.

Ivor Catt    28mar03    Third copy sent slomail 15mar04.  I asked an elementary question in classical electromagnetism. Top experts in Cambridge and in another university were instructed to reply to the question. They totally contradicted each other. They then refused to discuss their difference with each other. I took the problem of their contradiction  to the London Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE)."


Third copy sent to Morley on 25mar03

Fourth copy sent slomail 15mar04.


To see the seriousness of the situation, do a Google search for "Pepper FRS"

Ivor Catt   25mar03


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From: Ivor Catt



Sent: Wednesday, January 01, 2003 10:09 PM

Subject: Fw: Catt Anomaly


Second copy sent 1jan03




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From: Ivor Catt



Sent: Monday, December 23, 2002 5:35 PM

Subject: Catt Anomaly


Dear Dr. Chris Morley,


A month ago, you were Master of Ceremonies upstairs after dinner at Trinity when, over the Stilton, Antony Beevor, author of "The Fall of Berlin 1945" gave us a good talk.

Generally, I have left no Establishment stone unturned during the last 30 years. However, I have failed to approach the Vice-Master of Trinity. Since the Master of Trinity is a Crown appointment, you, the Vice-Master of Trinity, could be regarded as the key figure in Trinity, rather than he. Further, you are an engineer, albeit civil, not electronic.


In the end, something will have to be done about The Catt Anomaly. It has become a political, not a technical, problem. Your best introduction to it will probably be the political extracts from the book, which are at . The whole book is in Trinity library, and also on the www at . The animation is at . The Vice-Master of Trinity could bite the bullet, or he could hide, like everyone else in authority has done, except for Dr. Lynch of the IEE, see .


What is needed is a properly constituted, recorded and documented conference. The various relevant parts of Cambridge University; Trinity and the Engineering Department, could dig themselves out of the increasing mire by holding such a conference. This is not a matter of urgency. It has festered for a third of a century, but can only get worse unless properly addressed.


Yours sincerely,

Ivor Catt  23dec02     01727 864257

121 Westfields, St. Albans AL3 4JR




Morley moved with less than alacrity, his first acknowledgment being a year later, see below “PS.   I am conscious that I have not yet replied to a couple of emails from you about physics - can only plead pressure of other work.”
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From: "Dr. C. T. Morley" <>
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Sent: Saturday, February 14, 2004 8:22 AM
Subject: High Table

Dear Mr Catt,
         I am afraid that you have chosen, in your request to dine as an
MA with a guest, and for Kurt Metzer also to dine and bring a guest, one of
the few evenings in the year when this is not possible.  The next day
there is a Congregation of the Regent House, and we always invite graduands to
dine at High table the evening before (namely Friday 20th) - and do not
permit them to bring guests on space grounds.  So it is our custom not to
have other MA's and guests dine that evening either.   I am sorry that
this coincidence has occurred.  If you would care to choose another evening, I
shall be happy to give the four of you permission to dine.
Chris Morley

PS.   I am conscious that I have not yet replied to a couple of emails
from you about physics - can only plead pressure of other work.

Dr. C.T.Morley,
Trinity College, Cambridge CB2 1TQ

tel:  01 223 338 469  (sec. ...505; fax ...495)



 Dear Dr. Morley,
 I may be able to clear Friday 5 March 04 with the other three.
The behaviour of Trinity individuals is discussed in a recent issue of
"Electronics World", see , and in the August
2003 Editorial of "Electronics World". Another route is to do a Google
search for "Pepper FRS".
I really resent the increasing damage being inflicted on my College by
recalcitrant members.
Ivor Catt    15feb04



“PS.   I am conscious that I have not yet replied to a couple of emails from you about physics - can only plead pressure of other work.” – Morley, Vice Master, Trinity College Cambridge, 14feb04, see above.

This sentence is the only comment I had received on “The Catt Anomaly” from anyone above the rank of undergraduate in Trinity College or the rest of Cambridge University since the unfortunate Huxley letter, 14may00, reprinted in The Catt Anomaly. The previous comment to that was seven years earlier, on June 21, 1993, by Pepper, followed by his note to my colleague R. West two months later, 23aug93. In Cambridge, the “pressure of other work” is not limited to Morley. – Ivor Catt, 17feb04.




From: "Dr. C.T. Morley" <>

To: "Ivor Catt" <>

Sent: Monday, February 16, 2004 1:16 PM

Subject: Re: High Table


Dear Mr Catt,   There is no objection in principle to 5th March - let me know if you get the other 3 to agree. Unfortunately I shall not be dining myself that night - so hearing more about your anomaly would have to be postponed.      Chris Morley


[Apart from undergrads, this is only the third allusion to “The Catt Anomaly” received by me from someone in Cambridge University during the last ten years; one from Huxley and two from Morley. – Ivor Catt, 17feb04]




Lecture in Cambridge on "The Catt Anomaly" organised by Hayden Taylor, Trinity Engineer  ; ;