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The Distinction between Theory C and Catt's theories

There are a number of aspects to my fifty years researching electromagnetic theory. Here I guide the reader towards his particular field of interest. One commentary is here; ;

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1 An Introduction to Electromagnetic Theory . Uploaded by Civil Defence

2 Elementary Questions about Classical Theory .

3 Flaws, Errors and Oversights in Classical Theory .

4 Minor Errors in Views held by the majority .

5 My New Theory .

6 The Big Breakthrough .

7 The Role of Oliver Heaviside . Harry Ricker ; 2 ; Einstein the Joker ; ; ;

8 My Books .

9 My Articles .

10 The Politics of Electromagnetism .

11 The Politics of Knowledge in Science .

12 Physical forces from electromagnetism

13 Future Work

14 Space is extraordinarily versatile . It can accommodate superposed energy which seem incompatible. Even Mode and Odd Mode energy travel at different speeds. When they have separated out, we see that before separation, surely incompatible energy must have been superposed.

15 Journal articles on "The Catt Anomaly"

16 Critical Analysis and Paradigm Change

17 Curvilinear Squares . Equal amounts of energy pass through the red and blue squares.

Ivor Catt   June 2015

18 O'Rahilley

19 The Future of Science

20 What do Maxwell/s Equations say?

The Vandory email , leading to

the Oppo 6pp. - “The genius of James Clerk Maxwell, the man who made equations speak” - Hear them speak! , leading to Ricker and Crothers ;

21 Dr. Arnold Lynch 2

22 Stephen Crothers

23 Forrest Bishop ;

24 AD

25 Chris Bissell

26 The Glitch


27 Catt spiral

28 Wireless World ; ; page 79

29 A capacitor is a transmission line.

30 The Maxwell nonsense. . The number 224 recurs on pp228 and 229. I will add the names of those who will argue that the number 224 has something to do with electromagnetic theory. 7.4.2018 The list starts here;


31 Bernie Cohen

32 Jackson,%201962)(T)(656S).pdf

33 Two electric currents in opposite directions down a single conductor.