Electromagnetic Theory.

“Masters of Theory; Cambridge and the rise of Mathematical Physics”, by Andrew Warwick


Discussion of the New Theory.

Energy Current

Newcomer to my theory

Battery and Resistor

Electromagnetism 1 1995/2002

Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Energy Transfer  This paper was given at the IERE International Conference on Electromagnetic Compatibility at the University of Surrey in September 1984, and published in their Proceedings. The same was published in “Wireless World” in September and October. It outlined all aspects of my theories. Figure 4 is extremely important. It is a copy of the only case where this figure was published in a text book in the 20th century. In 2012 Forrest Bishop pointed out that although it may appear in a book when describing static fields (although even this will be rare), it never appears when the TEM Wave is discussed. This leads to the suggestion that no professor or text book writer has a grasp of this field pattern for a TEM Wave. For them, perhaps a TEM Wave is only an array of mathematics. I suggest they do not know that the field pattern for a TEM Wave is the same as that for a static field. Thus, they do not know that an equal amount of energy travels through each curvilinear square.

The Reciprocating Capacitor

The new model for a charged capacitor

 Crosstalk (Noise) in Digital Systems

Two IEEE Papers The L-C Oscillator Circuit. The Inductor as a Transmission Line.

The Electron

The Diode as an Energy Controlled, not a Charge Controlled, Device

Forrest Bishop

Malcolm Davidson

Historical Electromagnetic Theory

The Resistive Capacitor


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