Electromagnetic Theory.

3 Flaws, errors and oversights in classical theory.

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The Resistive Capacitor

Displacement Current 2

What happened to Electromagnetic Theory

Beware of the Bull

Genius, not gobbledygook

Where are they?

Difficulties for Classical Electromagnetism

Einstein ruled out the TEM pulse as absurd. “If I pursue a beam of light with the velocity c (velocity of light in a vacuum), I should observe such a beam of light as an electromagnetic field at rest though spatially oscillating. There seems to be no such thing, however, neither on the basis of experience nor according to Maxwell's equations .However, here (Figures 7, 8) we see the absurd, a narrow TEM pulse travelling unchanged at the speed of light. Also, Maxwell’s Equations are about that very thing - an unchanging waveform travelling forward at the speed of light. 1 , 2 .

“Displacement Current.” 1 1978 The first controversial article we published. For 150 years no one, including Heaviside, noticed that the electricity entering one plate of a capacitor had to first spread out across the plate before expressing a desire (displacement current) to jump across to the other plate. Forrest Bishop thinks it is the most important article of the 20th century.

“Maxwell’s Equations Revisited.” 1 1980 The first time I risked querying the content of Maxwell’s Equations. They have more or less no content. The Emperor has no clothes.

“The Hidden Message in Maxwell’s Equations.” 1 1985 The second time I investigated Maxwell’s Equations.

A capacitor does not have a self-resonant frequency. 1 , 2 .

The two models of a charged capacitor , 1

Faraday did not discover Electromagnetic Induction. He discovered Crosstalk . 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6

The One Turn Transformer

Special Relativity and The Rolling Wave .

Professor Kip's Rolling Wave

The end of electric charge and electric current as we know them 1

A Fatally Flawed Discipline?

Does Faraday permit Superposition? 1 , 2

Superposed fields

Why the Obvious must not be Obvious

The History of Maxwell's Equations

The German Lecture

Is Science limited to Scientific Method?

The Mathematical Universe

Forrest Bishop

MIT Professor Lewin and Displacement Current

Tombe again


Heaviside versus Rolling

Cause and Effect in Mathematics

Josephson and the TEM Wave

The Recurrent Error

Stroke of Genius

Where has the expertise gone?

Source of a Capacitor's mysterious "self resonant frequency" .

A Capacitor is a Transmission Line ; http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/x87rcotton.pdf ; http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/x3b2.pdf





Transients on switch on

Kurt Nalty. The reciprocating field in a charged capacitor

Harry Ricker

A very simple exposition of a major problem

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Electricity and the Professor

Will Pieraccini live?

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“Physics and Philosophy” by Werner Heisenberg 1958.

Introduction by F S C Northrop. P24; “The very act of observing alters the object being observed when its quantum numbers are small.”


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