Electromagnetic Theory.

11 The Politics of Knowledge in Science.

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Bruce Charlton ; http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/x8ahcharlton.html ; Modern ‘scientists’ are not interested in whether something really is true; they are interested only in whether peer review says it is true – they are interested only in whether something is fashionable, funded, publishable in high-impact fora, and likely to attract jobs, promotions and prizes.

Why there is no Apple in the UK. http://ivorcatt.co.uk/x887spiral1.htm ; “ …. The ingenious nature of the system for sabotaging new invention and industry.”

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The Two Catts

An evolved conspiracy 1 ,  2 .

History of "The Catt Question"

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Climate change

The First Blast of the Trumpet against the Monstrous Regiment of Mathematicians

Paradigm Shift in Today's Science

The Media

The late Professor Hiram Caton. Truth Management or 1 ; The Truth Industry

1977 Position Statement


Letter from Hiram Caton , Home Page

Ethics in Science , Defamation

Where are they?

"Classic ED is now only studied for specific applications."

The Decline of Science

Against the Tide

Fei Xia

Which comes first, understanding, or paradigm?

The Key Sections in Heaviside, in brief . Longer version, Very long download



de Santillana

The Reality in Science today

The Future of Science

Theocharis ; 2 ; 3 ; 4

The Suppression of Inconvenient Facts in Physics

Stephen Crothers ; Our journey

Can High Technology gain  a real foothold in the U.K?

Saving the Enlightenment

They know not what they do


Al Kelly

Professor Alex Yakovlev

Outside the Box

Michelson-Morley + 100

Professor Alex Yakovlev ; 2

Paradigm Shift in Today's Science

Comments on Catt's papers

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Theory of Flight


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Theory of Flight 1, 2, 3

The Rise and Fall of Bodies of Knowledge

The Decline of Science

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The Climate Science Boom , 2

Gordon Moran  As Derek Bok, president of Harvard, put it in his book Beyond the Ivory Tower: academic freedom has always been founded on the firm belief that the pursuit of knowledge will proceed most fruitfUlly if scholars can follow their own convictions without limitations from official orthodoxies . .. . but experience teaches us that major discoveries and advances in knowledge are often highly unsettling and distasteful to the existing order . . . . If we wish to stimulate progress, we cannot afford to inhibit such persons by imposing orthodoxies, censorship, and other artificial barriers to creative thought. 18


.... of Serge Lang, who wrote us regarding the contents of the CAA board's letter: You can quote me that I fully support your efforts to expose the corruption and censorship in the art history world and the world of librarians, which you have documented and encountered. Of course, not all people in art history or libraries are corrupt or censor, and it is for the grass roots to clean up their environment . .. . I do wish the CAA and similar organizations took cognizance of the facts of obstructions, evasiveness, falsifications, misrepresentations, which occur on a much more widespread basis than is usually recognized. I don't especially care if they do this in a statutory way or not, but they should get involved and lend support to cases that have merit, on the basis of the merits of the case. By refusing to get involved, they become accessories after the fact. And I object . ... +

Darin Brown

Government grants

Lack of Volition. ; page 8 ; Gordon Moran

Another Peer Review CartelBirds

' beaks

Cannot unite

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Global warming cover-up

Rajiv Malhotra

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Betrayal of Science ; 2

Birds' beaks

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