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Oliver Heaviside was not mentioned in any text book for more than fifty years. Actually, I phoned the only text book writer who mentioned him, and he told me he had not read Heaviside, but only read about him in Whittaker. Thus Heaviside’s theories disappeared.

Heaviside went up to Newcastle to help his brother in sending Morse pulses in an undersea cable from Newcastle to Denmark 1 . In the process he developed his very important theory, “Theory H”.

In Heaviside's magnificent, regal statement, "We reverse this." In his Electrical Papers, vol. 1, 1892, page 438, Heaviside wrote;

Now, in Maxwell's theory there is the potential energy of the displacement produced in the dielectric parts by the electric force, and there is the kinetic or magnetic energy of the magnetic force in all parts of the field, including the conducting parts. They are supposed to be set up by the current in the wire [Theory N]. We reverse this; the current in the wire is set up by the energy transmitted through the medium around it [Theory H]….  1 , 2

I needed this insight I needed from Heaviside, whether current causes field or field causes current (Figures 3 and 4 in 1 ) but could not get, because he had been suppressed. I did not know Heaviside had made any contribution to electromagnetic theory. I had to rediscover the idea of “energy current” travelling down at the speed of light guided by two conductors. I stumbled on his work twelve years after I had rediscovered his idea.

Heaviside was suppressed because shortly afterwards, Marconi created “waves in space”, which was much more glamorous than the wired signals of telegraphy. Electromagnetic theory developed on the basis of sinusoidal, steady state resonance in space. More than a fifty years later digital electronics appeared, and I was brought into Motorola in 1964 to look into high speed (1nsec) digital electronics, which was a scaled down version of Heaviside’s challenge, to send Morse pulses from Newcastle to Denmark.

Heaviside was suppressed because he sent wired, digital signals, which generates a very different electromagnetic theory from wireless, and so is still today suppressed by the “wireless” men who control Peer Review. I have been rejected for publication by all Peer Reviewed journals worldwide for more than 30 years.

A century later my group advanced ahead of Heaviside because he never realised that a capacitor is a transmission line 1 . So, far from seeing through Maxwell’s invention of Displacement Current, he adulated it; “ .... the heaven-sent Maxwell .... ”. He asserted that Maxwell invented Displacement Current to deal with the problem of the capacitor. 1 . This breaks down on the realisation that a capacitor is a transmission line. 1 . Displacement Current has to behave differently in a capacitor and in a transmission line.

Ivor Catt  11 December 2012

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