Discovered by Michael Faraday in 1845, the Faraday effect was the first

experimental evidence that light and electromagnetism are related.


Theory C

Maxwell (actually Faraday) said that light was electromagnetic.

When the sun warms you it does not use electric current.

When a battery lights a lamp it does not use electric current.


Ivor Catt  14.10.2018

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May 1846, Faraday published the article Thoughts on Ray Vibrations,

 a prophetic publication in which he speculated that light

could be a vibration of the electric and magnetic lines of force.



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Sun warms you without using electricity.

Battery lights lamp without using electricity.

Clue; Heaviside’s “Energy Current” ExH warms you and lights a lamp.

Wood burns without losing phlogiston.

You do not get cold by losing caloric.