the one turn transformer

A very narrow pulse approached the one turn transformer. This document helps to illustrate what happens when the pulse collides with the front end of the transformer. Four wires go ahead in parallel, and two (the secondary) are shorted together. This means that no voltage pulse can appear between these particular two wires. However, two equal and opposite voltages can appear. In this document we see that that must have occurred, because the two equal and opposite pulses separate out. However, this is only by way of illustration of what happens, and in a two turn transformer the two pulses may not travel at different velocities. But still they exist, because of the requirement, proven here at Figure 37 that only symmetrical signals can travel down a four wire system.

What happens when the even mode and the odd mode reaches the end of the transformer is not worked out here. Mike Gibson worked out the complex details at 1 , 2 . (The situation is very similar to the two turn inductor. Note 1) However, it is clear that the short at the end of the primary coil combined with the theory proven in Appendix II of  1 , 2 , that some of the two pulses, even and odd, reflect but some continues from the secondary to the two output wires. At every stage TEM ExH waves were involved. There was no “induction” of electricity by changing magnetism. My June 1987 IEEE paper .where this approach gives the correct increase in inductance for a two turn inductor compared with a single turn inductor, indicates that this approach, though complex, will give the right answer for the output from a one turn inductor.

Here is a somewhat different representation of the problem facing the idea that Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction.

Note 1. The two turn inductor was published by the IEEE. Extraordinarily, the one turn transformer was rejected for publication by the IEE/IET. The IEE has for forty years rejected every attempt by me to publish. (My co-author Dr. Arnold Lynch “partially” succeeded only once. 1 )

Ivor Catt  14.12.12