A very simple exposition of a major problem.

Dear Harry,

Thank you for our Skype discussion yesterday 20 December 2015.

Following that, I lectured my artist partner Libuse Mikolva (Mika) in bed this morning, and realised that a very simple exposition is possible, which she understood. I have to admit that she has been subjected to much lecturing on the subject in the past.


Consider this picture;


A very narrow voltage spike is injected between the left hand conductor and ground, see top left here;


The immediate result is a small spike between the right hand conductor and ground, bottom left.

The signal travels to the right in both conductors at the speed of light for the dielectrics. After 120 inches of travel, the signal, originating from the single spike, breaks up into two modes, the faster odd mode, equal and opposite between the two conductors, and the slower even mode, equal in both conductors. After 240 inches they are twice as far apart.

Your idea that the professors, editors  and text book writers are all stupid means that I too am stupid, because it took me 40 years to realize that the bottom left spike contains two electric currents, one in the forward direction and the other in the backward direction, in the same piece of wire.

A professor or text book writer has been active for 30 years. I failed to see this problem for 40 years, that there are two electric currents travelling in opposite directions down the same piece of wire, bottom left.


When I pointed out my error in a 50 word article 40 years later, the editor Lombardi did not reply; http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/x0622.htm . I wrote that I used mathematics based on Faraday’s Law to produce the two modes, odd and even, to validate superposed opposite electric currents, which Faraday did not allow.  Mathematics allows superposition, but Faraday does not.


After not replying for many months, Lombardi wrote;


http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/x0621.htm>> over the past months I have received few emails from you, quite frankly I
am to say the least puzzled by your requests as with time, they are getting from unusual to just odd. I thought that my silence would be better understood by you;

However, he had not replied to my first email, submitting 50 words (now, but not then, in pink).

http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/97rdeat4.htm         Ivor Catt   21 December 2015.