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Heaviside said start with the wave, not with static fields.

The two Catts, 1 and 2.

Ivor Catt, 26 December 2015

1 The IEEE somebody

Catt spiral;

IEEE, 1966; ; 2

- Professor David J. Kinniment.

IEEE, 1967;


Technical Paper Referees

.... Ivor Catt ....

 Seminars partnering Middlesex University.

IEEE Peer Reviewer.


IEEE, 1978; Currently, three research projects funded by the British Government [in Middlesex University, Brunel University and RSRE Malvern] to develop his [Catt’s] computer inventions are in progress or about to start. He is consulting on these, and also is writing a textbook on digital design. ;

 ProcIEEE 1980s;

Catt Spiral

Ivor Catt was guest lecturer at the following universities; Bonn , Dublin , Edinburgh, Cambridge, Bristol, York, Newcastle , University College London, Imperial, Hertfordshire, University of Washington St. Louis, Lecture at Surrey University , Bradford , Ethical Society, 2 .

Crosstalk  Dropping the Pilot


Ethical Society

Royal Society 2018

2 The IEEE nobody, 30 years later.

IEEE 2012; Catt’s Anomaly;  Professor Massimiliano Pieraccini and Professor Stefano Selleri

amateurs and bizarre men away from academia …. …. Ivor Catt is probably one of these [2], an engineer and amateur scientist. …. ….

IEEE 2012;

“Catt, …. …. Moving outside of academia and structured research” – Professor Giuseppe Pelosi, Associate Editor, IEEE

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