I sent the article to Tom Ivall. Nothing happened. After a few months, when I enquired, Ivall told me he had handed it to his

Technical Editor, Eric Shorter. I replied; "But he is a physics graduate." Ivall was only a Chartered Engineer. When still nothing happened, I finally phoned

Tom Ivall and told him (I told him, I did not suggest) that Davidson and I would come at 10 am next day to see him and Shorter. Three hours later, I received a

call from Shorter, saying that the article was O.K. I then said; "Then we do not need to come and see you tomorrow."

Ivall added "- and how to get rid of it" to the title, and published it in December 1978. As Forrest now says, this was extremely important information. The

 scientists at UKAEA Culham circulated it ….

Only today, 9.4.2019, do I realise that by adding “and how to get rid of it” he killed the article. No professor needs to even read an article which might threaten the sacred cow “Displacement Current”. The Italians’ warning comes into play.


When I sent this to Phil Reed, ex editor or Wireless World, he replied; “Ivor, another piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Phil.”


Academia wisely(?) practise omerta. This is “wise”, because their stance is necessarily fraudulent and unsustainable, if only even a small number of dedicated scientists would set about them. Unfortunately, dedicated scientists fail to see where their duty lies – to expose the fraudsters for what they are – careerists masquerading as scientists. . The use by the careerists of the instrumentalist philosophy should have been addressed a long time ago. I do understand that should they be challenged on the faults in this philosophy, they will go silent. But the attempt should have been made. ;


The icing on the cake was the realisation that the blocking of major scientific advance is not only played out by peer reviewed journals. We can also find it in the series of editors of non-peer reviewed “Wireless World”, which for a long time had a very high reputation. The idea of “the parrot” continued even here. Some editors were graduates, and others were not, including the great Tom Ivall, who built “Wireless World” up to a monthly circulation of 60,000. The succession of editors would alternate between publishing Catt articles or letters about Catt every month with editors who totally banned Ivor Catt. If the latter were graduates, we are home and dry with our proposed “parrot” model.




The Parrot.

Having gained only a 2-2, though admittedly in Cambridge, I am somewhat inhibited when developing the model of the parrot. However, everyone else, whatever their exam and other results, is inhibited for an array of reasons, a reason tailored to their own case.

Illiterate farmworkers moved to the city and worked in factories. It was now necessary for them to read (the notice “danger” etc.). So an educational system developed to teach the three R’s – reading, writing and arithmetic. All of these had stable subjects, alongside the Latin and Greek, also stable, that the elite were already being taught.

Science was the hobby of the rich businessmen and the like. Science advances by revolution – for instance by destroying caloric or phlogiston. The evolved education system, teaching stable subjects, formed a mesalliance with science. Those “teaching” science had to defend themselves from scientific revolution, even minor advances. They tried to resolve the paradox by using some of the increasing funding from the grateful taxpayer to pay for the addition of decorations on a static body of obsolescent “scientific” knowledge, the ruling Canon. This was enshrined in text books and lecture notes, and had to be defended. There was only room for one, orthodox, canon.

Heaviside pioneered sending pulses down wires, and developed a revolutionary electromagnetic theory. This was immediately followed by Marconi, signalling without wires, which was much more glamorous. There being only room for one canon, one orthodoxy, the more glamorous Marconi won, and Heaviside was suppressed. Heaviside disappeared, unmentioned in any text book for more than half a century. This problem recurred a century later, when I pioneered the interconnection of high speed digital systems in the 1960s. I did not know Heaviside had made any contribution to electromagnetic theory, and had to develop it over again – energy current as opposed to electric current. In my turn, I was suppressed and disappeared – prevented from publishing for half a century.  The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (SSR) was originally printed as an article in the International Encyclopedia of Unified Science, published by the logical positivists of the Vienna Circle. In this book, Kuhn argued that science does not progress via a linear accumulation of new knowledge, but undergoes periodic revolutions, also called "paradigm shifts" (although he did not coin the phrase),[18] in which the nature of scientific inquiry within a particular field is abruptly transformed.

9 April 2019

15.4.2020. I found this today. Go to 34 minutes in to find The Parrot.

As to priority, fortunately x949 means 9 april 19 . x is the roman 10, meaning I put this on the www on 9 april 2019. When did this David Icke movie go on the www?

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There once was an old man of Esser
Whose knowledge grew lesser and lesser.
It at last grew so small
He knew nothing at all
And now he's a college professor. Noam Esser