I am admittedly very old. 40 years ago it was a matter of pride to visit part of our heritage,

 the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. It is humiliating to visit them now

 they have been turned into playgrounds for young children.

 While they play, they are subjected to Politically Correct dogma

 by funding companies who operate scams. Ivor Catt  24 July 2016


Because of the drug industry’s bad image, the companies that have “bought”

the Science Museum and Natural History Museum (but not the V&A)

are mainly drug companies; Glaxo-Wellcome bought both; Cadogan and

“Anglo American” the Natural History Museum with a bizarre “cocoon”.  

The Science Museum, London.


I have a number or complaints about presentation.


There is no "theory of flight" in the museum. It figures in the Smithsonian. They treat the historical development of the theory from Bernouilli to Newton (but not beyond). Our museum could get ahead of them with the more recent realisation that the air in flight is stationary, but in a wind tunnel it is not. (Of course, then Bernouilli collapses completely.)


There is no "man powered flight"



In the aircraft exhibition, it is very difficult to tell which notice board (which are too dark to read) applies to which aircraft. Other visitors were frustrated by this problem, which is obvious. This is easy to put right; put a small 7 in the top left hand corner of the notice board, and attach a small notice with a 7 to the aircraft.

The separation of the notice describing something from the thing actually described occurs in many parts of the museum.


Oliver Heaviside is historically extremely important, more important than his uncle Wheatstone, who figures prominently. The only sign of Heaviside is in one line in a small notice. I think there is nothing about "heavification", which made long distance telephone communication possible.



Generally, the Science Museum has become extremely Politically Correct, including a shrine to Einstein. It is directed, not just only at children, but only at young children. I don't regard science as childish.


I don't see why the two greatest of today's scams, HIV/AIDS and "climate change", are linked. http://www.ivorcatt.com/2953.htm ; http://www.electromagnetism.demon.co.uk/71jc.htm   Wellcome, or Glaxo/Wellcome, who run the AIDS scam, built the Wellcome Wing (funded by the AIDS scam) of the museum which states forcefully that man created climate change. The three possibilities are not mentioned;

There is no global warming;

It occurs, but is not caused by man;

It is caused by man.



The Science Museum should not be a propaganda mouthpiece for just one of these disputed options.


I am puzzled that Wellcome , who administer the AIDS scam and seem to have bought the Science Museum, should promote, via the Science Museum, the other major scam of today, the Climate Change scam.


Ivor Catt    28 April 2016

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21 May 2016

Stephen Crothers <ivorcatt@gmail.com>

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I was in the London Science Museum again today, taking Stephen Crothers from Australia with me. It was important for him to see the shrine to Einstein.


We agreed that he must spend as long as he could stand in the shrine, but after a while I had to leave and sit outside, and wait for him.

I was much more upset than the last time when I first discovered the shrine.

I told Stephen to also study the people who came to the shrine. It was particularly damaging for the young 18 year old youth, who will be taught that that is what science is. It was a religious, not a scientific experience.

At least two of the three adjacent museums have changed, and are directed, not just at children, but at young children. The Nat Hist and Science museums are full of young children. Such subjects are no longer for adults, as they used to be.

When I sent my web page http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/x64s.htm to the museum , they did not reply.

Ivor Catt





Ivor Catt <ivorcatt@gmail.com>

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to feedback


10 working days. No reply by Science Museum in 100 days.

I have visited the Science Museum a number of times since April, and as a scientist, not a young child, I have become even more concerned about the state of the Science Museum. I am upgrading http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/x64s.htm with more of my concerns.

The Science Museum needs to talk to me.

01727 864257

Ivor Catt

24 July 2016






24 July 2016.

I went into various parts of the Science Museum on a number of occasions since last April, and my concern deepens.

It had not occurred to me that the Climate Change scam and the Glaxo-Wellcome AIDS scam along with the other pharmaceutical companies should capture the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum, but I now realise that the museums were an obvious target for these scams. That explains why the newobjective is obviously to spend the maximum amount of money on the minimum of objects on display. The contrast between the old sections with maximised presentation and the new scam funded sections is striking and obvious. However, that does not explain why the displays in so many sections, old and new, are so confusedly explained, with item 26 description far away in another section from the item 26 actually displayed.

 Ivor Catt