History of "The Catt Question" .

“The Catt Question” was first published in 1981, see page 96 . It was repeated in 1982, see page 105 . There was no response from accredited experts – professors and text book writers.

Ten years later, in 1992, the exact wording of the Question was frozen as on page 3 , later made into an animation , and has remained unaltered for the next 20 years. An attempt was made to get comment from such experts, by getting senior administrators to select their expert and instruct him to write to me. Sir Michael Pepper and Dr. Neal McEwan, Reader in Electromagnetics, were instructed to write to me, and did so. 1 , 2 . They totally contradicted each other.

Note that a decade earlier, in 1982 , I thought the only possible suggestions were from the north and the west. A decade later, Sir Michael Pepper, admitting that the charge could not come from the west, defied Gauss’s Law and obscured the Question by saying the charge came from the south. Since he was so distinguished, others, such as Bas Lago , agreed with this absurd idea.

No further accredited expert will put any comment in writing. In spite of a large financial incentive, for ten years no student dares to try to get his professor or text book writer to put anything in writing, or even to tell me that he has been refused. 1 , 2 .

Ivor Catt  8 July 2014

Very recent developments (2012) beyond “The Catt Question”.  http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/x37p.htm