Royal Society;


Endangered Species?




“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

Arthur Schopenhauer, German Philosopher. 1788-1860.


Dijkstra , 1

I enjoyed myself thanks to the presence of C.Bron, S.D.Swierstra (who moderated the panel discussion) and B.Waumans, people I know for years but whom I encounter only rarely. The highlight, however, was being introduced to Mr. Ivor Catt, whom I had never met in person, though I knew very well who he was.


On the importance of being creative

"Ivor Catt, an innovative thinker .... ...." p75


New Scientist


The Disciple


An evolved conspiracy here


Before The Wakefield Experiment had been done, Nobel Prizewinner Brian Josephson (for this purpose representing the Establishment) said that my predicted results (based on one theory of mine, the decades old revolutionary contrapuntal theory) were compatible with classical electromagnetic theory, which they are not. "Steady Charged Capacitor is not steady at all." . This is even more extreme than the credible idea that any future experimental results will be absorbed into the pre-existing Establishment theory. He is telling us that Establishment theory is even more versatile and flexible, and will even absorb future experimental results predicted from revolutionary theory.


What is at stake is enormous. The removal of Caloric, or Phlogiston, or Electricity undermines so many careers, reputations, promotions.


Wikipedia "Talk" on Ivor Catt, 13 September 2012 ; 2 ; “This is why the facts are more important than such opinions and insults, such as the fact that a lot of the work is not Catt's, and that his successful inventions built on the discoveries of others such as Heaviside, Dr Walton, Davidson, Mike S. Gibson, and several others.”


Sir Michael Pepper Fid. Def.

Pepper on "The Catt Question" (nonsense).

Rise and Fall of Bodies of Knowledge “ .... the 'guardians of the faith', the high priests, will have sunk to an all-time low, becoming worried, inadequate functionaries ....

From Wikipedia on Pepper


He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1983[6] and was elected a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1982. In 1987 he received the Hughes Medal. Previously he had received the Europhysics Prize of the European Physical Society, and the Guthrie Prize of the Institute of Physics both in 1985. The Institute of Physics awarded Sir Michael the first Mott Prize[7] in 2000. He had previously given the first Mott Lecture in 1985. He was awarded the Royal Medal in 2005 for his "work which has had the highest level of influence in condensed matter physics and has resulted in the creation of the modern field of semiconductor nanostructures,"[8] gave the Royal Society's Bakerian Prize Lecture in 2004 and received a knighthood in the 2006 New Year's Honours list for services to physics.


 – Ivor Catt, 13 May 2012


Nobel Prizewinner Professor Brian Josephson The consistency of Ivor Catt’s misrepresentation of Maxwell’s laws is remarkable. – Dermod O’Reilley.

Used to get a lot of column inches in Wireless World letters pages - can't tell if he's a genius or a nutter.

Re: anyone heard of Ivor Catt ?

« Reply #10 on: Yesterday at 11:18:12 AM »  The line between genius and madness is of nano scale proportions.

Ivor is considered eccentric to many in the electrical/electronics fields (some may say that is an excessively generous description), but his data cannot be dismissed out of hand.

Ivor Catt: A genius of physics doomed to ostracism by maintrean swine

a raving bugshit lunatic site such as Ivor Catt's website - Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka

Ivor Catt's not-so-vague attacks are the pseudo-scientific garbage. I explained why I do not give him any credibility about fundamental physics: he has shown that he does not understand electromagnetism

Ivor Catt is a British electronics engineer known principally for his controversial ideas on electromagnetism. His most recent challenge to the status quo in electromagnetism is called "The Catt Anomaly". He has been considered a crank by a large part of the science and electrical engineering community.

Jos Bergervoet

Jan 22, 2011 - 06:28:13 am EST

There are many other crackpots, so is he more funny than his
competitors? - Jos



Sun, 16 Jan 2011 21:45:28 -0800 (PST)

Just to let any academics here know that Ivor Catt has managed to
republish his misunderstandings out EM theory in Electronics and
Wireless world and it would be nice if you could publish a letter in
the next issue explaining to him and the reader why they're wrong.

Mr. Ivor Catt is a nutter. If the section on his views on digital logic doesn't make any sense, right, so? There's no reason to think that his views make any sense either. Did you read his quote about radar and the Sheffield? -- Kevin Brunt (talk) 18:08, 4 April 2008 (UTC) – Kevin Brunt

Catt is certainly paranoid and ignorant, - Nigel Cook

Nigel Cook on "The Catt Question"

Ivor is completely ignorant of modern physics, - Nigel Cook

Note from Nigel Cook:

.... .... I agree that most of Catt's drivel is worthless, but that does not mean his early work is crazy. Nigel 22:53, 9 January 2006 (UTC)

The Real Catt Anomaly

The diagrams in that article you quote, ignores radio emission occurring at the front of a logic step! Catt got the "Catt anomaly" wrong by relying on a book published in 1893 which ignored the step effects at the front of the TEM wave. Asserting ignorance is wrong. At the front of a logic step, current rises (in accepted picture) and this results in radio emission. Since each conductor is oppositely charged and carries an opposite current, the radio emission from each conductor (acting as aerials) is exactly out of phase with the other and so completely cancels that from the other as seen at a large distance. – Nigel

But he is proud of everything he writes on the subject, regardless of how wrong it is, and tells me he doesn't find it helpful of me to point out errors he has made – Nigel

Ivor’s diagram is a red-herring. Yet Ivor responds by ignoring this, instead of correcting it. Ivor claims to be progressive, but actually ties his theory to Heaviside’s errors. It’s extremely disappointing that he chooses to be pseudo-scientific like this, and tries to shoot the messenger, a policy tried by Stalin with Trotsky. Ivor should ideally keep to the empirically defensible facts, not horses**t theories by Heaviside. – Nigel Perhaps this excessive and damaging egotism from Catt and also leading quantum field theorists .... .... .... the articles are wrong in almost every detail and it is vital that this should be clearly demonstrated before undue damage is done. .... ; Catt's belief in his own work is clearly sincere, but this reviewer, after lengthy and careful consideration, can find virtually nothing of value in this book. - B. LAGO


Professor R M Kiehn


Kirk T MacDonald of Princeton . Very reasonably, MacDonald thinks Catt asked Pepper a different question, since the Pepper reply bears no relationship to the Question that Pepper thinks he is replying to. Extraordinarily, Professor Brian Josephson insists that the Pepper reply is relevant to the Question that Pepper was asked to reply to.


Professor McDonald. 1 , 2


Professor Jonathan Post


Dr. Rudolf Sykora


Kevin Brunt


Harry Ricker




Dermod O'Reilley


Thunderbolts don't know why you would class either of them as "ATM". I'm not really sure (speaking as an engineer) if the concept of "mainstream" applies to engineering or not; things tend to either work or not work. Although the name Ivor Catt comes to mind ... (if you are not familiar with his ideas, I recommend you stay that way.)


Rae West . Ray’s anti-Semitism seems to get more virulent. My association with him is rather peculiar, in view of my past. The two leading people I joust within my field, electromagnetic theory, are Jewish. During the first 50 years of my life I became more and more uncomfortable as such a large proportion of those I associated with turned out to be Jewish. They “turned out to be” because I am unable to distinguish between Jew and Gentile. I suggest other people have the same problem. When I bought a house, in Los Angeles or in Connecticut, my neighbours turned out to be Jewish. As to conspiracy, one Jewish neighbour said she would not enter the other Jewish neighbour’s house “for fear she would dirty the floor”. Of the three men I have gone on holiday with abroad, one was Jewish. I began to think I had a problem over associating with gentiles, and was relieved when the two men in my three man research team were Gentiles. I know Rae, a holocaust denier, visited David Irving . One of my best friends, a German from Berlin, Ernest Morton 2 , co-founder of Asylumaid, lost all his eleven relatives to the Nazis, except one brother, a Communist leader, whom the Communists killed along with other European Communist leaders. His mother refused to accompany him, but he got across the German-Belgian border two hours before it closed. In the war, he was interned, and later served in the British Army, manning a field gun in Italy.




Castagana>>incoming EM plane waves and cause these radio waves to bend towards the tiny antenna. This increases the antenna's EA (effective area or effective aperture.) We can alter the coupling between the antenna and the surrounding space, but the total energy still follows the conservation law. The altered fields only change the "virtual size" (EA) of the antenna. "

Yes, Ivor Catt of Britain has made a website dedicated to this conundrum, but many at 'Electronic's World' publication think he is a crackpot .

[None of Catt’s books or articles mention “radio waves”. – Ivor Catt]

Pelosi . Professor Giuseppe Pelosi , IEEE Associate Editor, December 2012;

“Catt, moving outside of academia and structured research”






Polanyi and Kuhn say that across a paradigm barrier, both parties necessarily assert that the other side is incompetent.

M Polanyi, Personal Knowledge, RKP 1958 “Such comprehensive rejection cannot fail to discredit the opponent. He will be made to appear as thoroughly deluded, which in the heat of the battle will easily come to imply that he is a fool, a crank or a fraud.”

T.S.Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, pub. 1969; “They essentially talk through each other.”

Ray West (anti-Semite);

Mr. Catt's travails

Sinclair had made the mistake of listening to a Mr Ivor Catt, who had already failed to sell the idea to major companies. [Previously, the UK government funded research projects into “Catt Spiral” in three universities – Middlesex, Brunel, RSRE - IC]


However, some misguided Italian authors have found it worthwhile to write a book about Mr Catt’s travails. There is even talk of making a movie about him. In the lunatic fringe, that sort of naivety (the Italians call him a ‘brave thinker’) is still seen as being too critical. And so it has come to pass that their weak-kneed articles on Catt have attracted the ire of another crackpot, the Public Dick (S.Crothers to the uninitiated).


Crothers nevertheless accuses them, in an IEEE [sic] journal,  of ‘confound[ing] the Catt Anomaly with the Catt Question’. Who cares?  Both are fatuous. Much of Catt’s confusion arises because he cannot reconcile (in his mind) the facts that, whereas electrical signals propagate at near-light velocity in a metal wire, Usain Bolt could easily out-run any individual electron. 

The John Dore phenomenon.

I have put enormous effort into dealing with John Dore’s attempt to corrupt the historic record by claiming that scientific advance was blocked because of Ivor Catt’s attitude and behaviour. It could be argued that this idea was finally refuted when the Italian professors, including opne IEEE editor, embarked on peer reviewed defamation of Catt and falsification of Catt’s work.

An attempt to clarify Catt’s record is here, garnering various opinions on the matter;

Analysis of what may be behind the behaviour of Dore and Cook is here; For infomation on electro-magnetic theory & the Catt Anomaly Ivor Catt's books are essential reading.

June 2019

John Raymond Dore

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to me


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‘The Sinclair team has developed the ideas of a British inventor, Ivor Catt, who tried to get British firms to listen to him. On that point this newspaper must admit to the British disease – we didn’t have the bottle to write about Catt then, in part because the technological establishment dismissed his notions. On the risk front, Sinclair has tackled, via Catt, the fundamental breakthrough of the microchip business. ... A whole new range of opportunities for computer use come forward.’ – Hamish McRae, The Guardian, 13 March 1985, p23.

 But after Sinclair sold out, Catt became again suppressed!



Nigel Cook 2005 Dec 06
     ... gravitation . Big Bang . physics . electromagnetism . September 11 ...

"My first article appeared when I was 22, in the November 1994 issue of Electronics World, on electromagnetic pulse. Later I corresponded with Electronics World writer Ivor Catt on electromagnetism. Catt’s drive was motivated by a life saving discovery on computer cross-talk glitches. He had discovered a way to avert computer crashes completely in air traffic control systems while speeding them up sufficiently to spot potential collisions or terrorist activity automatically, and a version of his earlier computer wafer scale innovation had successfully come to market. His problem was that “Popular physics” authors were flooding the media with hype about backward time travel, 10 dimensional strings, parallel universes and Kaku flying saucer speculation, and were obviously lying that such unpopular non-testable guesses were science. A-level physics uptake falls by 4% per year!"