In fact, the combination of Catt's incompetent Question and his failure to try to understand the responses he got, does rather lead to the suspicion that there was malice aforethought..... -- Kevin Brunt 21:54, 7 January 2006 (UTC)

I have. It's really rather sad. It just shows how out of date Catt is. He's not progressed beyond the misconceptions and limitations of his transmission line "EM Theory".

Catt is certainly paranoid and ignorant,

The problem with Catt is that he does not know, nor want to learn, Maxwell's equations (the full equations, not just the bits used for mere transmission lines), or modern physics, but nevertheless asserts (without knowledge of them), that they have no content or are drivel.

Errors in Catt Anomaly

1. The Catt anomaly diagram shows a true step, which can't occur in reality. There is always a rise-time, albeit a short one. During the rise time T, voltage and current varies gradually from 0 to the peak current i, so the current variation is on the order di/dT, which is a charge acceleration that causes radio emission with frequency f ~ 1/T. (The Catt anomaly diagram shows 0 rise time, so di/dT would be INFINITE, resulting in an infinitely powerful burst of radio energy of infinitely high frequency, which is absurd.)

2. When you correct the Catt anomaly diagram, you realise that there is radio emission in the direction of traditional displacement current, which Catt fails to show.

3. You also notice that the radio energy emission depends on di/dt, which only occurs while the logic step voltage and current are varying, like displacement current.

4. Catt's diagram of the Catt anomaly is totally wrong for a completely different reason: it shows displacement current continuing after the logic step has passed, in other words, in the part of the step to the left, where Catt shows the voltage is steady.

This is a LIE, because displacement current i = [permittivity].dE/dt = [permittivity].dv/(dt.dx). This shows that displacement current ONLY flows if voltage varies with distance along the transmission line (x) or time (t).

Catt should delete all the displacement current arrows (labelled D) which point downwards in the second diagram, and only show it as occurring where the step rise occurs! Catt will then notice that he has discovered the correct disproof of Maxwell's radio theory. While Maxwell had displacement current at 90 degrees to radio propagation, the two actually are the same thing, so Maxwell's theory of radio is false. Will Catt publish this?

Nigel Cook 10:56, 10 January 2006 (UTC)

Interesting that Maxwell's theory of radio waves continues to agree with physical measurements while Catt and others who maintain it is wrong have yet to make a single measurement that validates or invalidates their ramblings . . We continue to recover radio signals from spacecraft beyond the orbit of Neptune with equipment that was entirely designed using a proper theory, while we happily ignore Catt who tells us the theory is wrong . . how strange.