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I have tried to respond to over 100 emails, and I must admit I still believe in charge and currents.


I have come to the conclusion that people who do not recognize the Millikan oil drop experiments,

and the fact that you can see an electron beam in the old fashion TV tubes,

and you can guide beams of charged protons in a van de Graf generator to impinge on targets

and control their kinetic energy of impact,

and you can separate charged isotopes in a mass spectrometer,

and you can see the Cherenkov radiation emitted from charged currents of electron beams

traveling at speeds near the speed of light,

and you can observe the creation of charge particle pairs due to energetic photons,


and have the gall to cry out that "charge does not exist, currents do not exist" (to quote Catt)

and then later to cry out that such statement is not what they said, (even though it is written on their website), [ Analysis ]


are people that do a disservice to science.



I will no longer waste my time to answer anymore emails.

Thank you

Professor R. M. Koein