The Rising Star that didn’t.

Prestige figures in science have the same function as charismatic figures in politics and religion, or celebrities in entertainment. - Letter from the late Hiram Caton

A syndrome surrounding major scientific advance has never been noted, and those caught up in it deserve our sympathy. In the case of Oliver Heaviside, an example is his friend Oliver Lodge. In the case of Ivor Catt, we find two; Nigel Cook and John Dore.

It was a great achievement to discern a star before it rose, and attach oneself to it. The first step was to praise him, privately and publicly, in order to speed up the rise and advance the time when the disciple could bathe in its reflected glory. The budding disciple knew that he was prescient in discerning the new star before others did, and also knew that, living in a reasonably functioning milieu, such an obvious star was bound to rise.

"Truth Management"

"Rise and Fall .... "

However, payback time never seemed to come. This meant that either the would-be disciple has made a mistake, and the star was not a star, or the potential star himself was determined to not rise; “You don’t want to be recognised”; his rudeness alienated society, he refused to make his work clear, etc. See "Nutter" .

What is then extraordinary is the level of venom launched against the reluctant star – paranoid, rude, he lied, and so on, culminating in the charge that his work is wrong anyway. For a period, such a would-be disciple threatens the historical record. In around 2050, when the inquest into the decline of science comes, the unsullied historical record will be important. However, fortunately, the level of venom finally undermines the image of the previous disciple himself, not of the reluctant star. (However, I don’t know that Oliver Lodge descended to venom, so venom might be more recent.)


In the 1920s Oliver Heaviside was given the first Faraday Medal by the IEE London, so his contribution was recognised, as shown by the letter from the IEE .  However, he was quite rapidly “disappeared”, so that in 1960 I had no knowledge that he had made any contribution to electromagnetic theory beyond proposing “The Heaviside Layer”. In 1960, that was all that was known about Heaviside’s Electromagnetic Theory, and he was not mentioned in any text book for more than half a century. So the pathology developing from the professionalisation of science was already evident.

More generally, the new breed of professional scientists, who took over from the rich amateur along with a very small number of dedicated “searchers after truth” like Faraday, took remarkably long to realise that professional science had to be stabilised in order to protect professionals’ salaries, reputations, pensions. Even lesser scientific advance, let alone paradigm shift, had to be blocked. There will be no future paradigm shifts in today’s professional science like those traumatic shifts from phlogiston and caloric.

The Rise and Fall .... "

Clever take the Brilliant

Ivor Catt, 27 August 2014


29 Jan 2016

John Raymond Dore

Jan 29 (3 days ago)

to ivor, David

Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

This is exactly what you are attempting to do eventually leading your cabal/coterie over the cliff edge into oblivion.

I do encourage you to  wake up to reality but, alas, you are too convinced of your own infallibility that you listen to no one who does revere you as some god-like being and repeats your mantra.

If you replay your address at Newcastle University the first part you ramble through your distant past experiments in the USA as an introduction to establish some credibility followed by the unfounded 'Snake Oil' sales pitch on your current suggestions. The fact you think it was a good address shows the degree to which you are unaccustomed to listening to good addresses.

Meanwhile those of us who have an interest in making a meaningful contribution proceed unabashed (albeit decried by you).

If only you could show but one advantage of your supposed insight it would be a fantastic step forward ... but you do not --- so what is the point of what you do?

The only end result is the waste of as many peoples' time that you can contact.

Maybe it all because you live in an 'Alice in Wonderland' world where your thoughts are magnified into huge world impacting results. I guess 'Gulliver's Travels' may be another world too.

There are problems to be solved but you lack clearly any ability to make a meaningful contribution in so many years.

Ivor Catt 

Jan 29 (3 days ago)

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For some decades John said I should get a Nobel Prize.

John stayed in my home a month or so ago.

Why am i not allowed to be a normal person?

Malcolm Davidson

Jan 29 (3 days ago)

to me, libuse.mikova, Dave



John Dore continues to interact with you, yet keeps telling you he wants nothing more to do with you at the same time? He is conflicted for reasons he alone knows. Part of him wants to believe and another part is afraid to. I find it fascinating that so many people are intrigued by these issues but then find them to be psychologically too extreme. There is a force of gravity pulling individuals in towards the center of what we might call conventional thinking. In John's case it is greater than his desire to embrace some new ideas.


He therefore has to attack Ivor to justify his position.









1 February 2016


John Raymond Dore

12:08 PM (6 hours ago)

to ivor, David

There was a man - his name was Catt

He thought he'd cause a stir

He made no difference - that's a fact

He could only purr

So much time wasted by so many

With what result you ask

The sad fact is you may reflect

He cannot match the task

But on he goes both day and night

Fixated on his dream

Alas poor Catt he does not know

Another will get the cream.