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Ivor Catt,

121 Westfields,

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Professor David Tong,

Trinity College,

Cambridge CB2 1TQ


Dear Professor Tong,

For your convenience, this letter is at

Einstein and Feynman put electromagnetic theory at the heart of science. Since you are in my college, and a theoretical physicist, I need your comment on cattq, . 30 years ago Pepper, then of Trinity, was asked by our then Master to write to me. Pepper wrote, , saying (along with Morgenthaler ) that the charge could not come from the west, but came from the south. This was later contradicted by Josephson, also of our college, who said it did come from the west. Josephson later told me by email that he discussed it with Pepper, and that Pepper had changed his mind, becoming a westerner. However, Pepper never confirmed this. When asked by many to correct the record when the Italian professors falsified the Pepper southerner position , wrongly saying he was a westerner like Josephson, he did nothing.

When the then Master was asked to deal with this contradiction at the heart of science by two of his fellows, at least he did reply, telling me he would first have to study the subject. As President of the Royal Society, the same Rees did not even reply when two FRS members contradicted each other. Academic omerta covered my work, but when my partner Libuse Mikova told Rees I was dying, , he responded, saying the staff of Trinity were familiar with my work. However, neither he nor any other member of staff would ever comment on my work except Josephson, who had been marginalised for trying to bring the paranormal into science. It was safe to discuss my health, but not my work, unless, like Josephson, who was suppressed, you had nothing to lose. Josephson sent me 100 emails. ;

Extraordinarily, before this, Einstein had discussed the way (p141) “The change of an electric field .... is always accompanied by a magnetic fieldand (p146) “a changing magnetic field is accompanied by an electric field” and then wrote; (p148) “The formulation of these equations is the most important event in physics since Newton’s time, not only because of their wealth of content, but also because they form a pattern for a new type of law.” (Actually, Einstein had delivered words and no equations.) In stark contrast, see The Hidden Message in Maxwell's Equations .

Einstein at 16


““The change of an electric field .... is always accompanied by a magnetic field.” This is a Maxwell/Einstein error, exposed by digital electronics.


The Italians are wrong when they say cattq will intrigue schoolchildren, “…. , curious and very intriguing, and able to capture the attention of students.”, but it will intrigue scientists and engineers in Trinity. However, the first step is to get comment from you. I never get a reply from Trinity College Engineering Society.

Ivor Catt

01727 864257

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