Totally corrupted IEEE and IET

This is

2.55pm 1 hour ago  20.9.18

Dear Ned,

 “Catt, …. Outside of academia and structured research.”

 – IEEE Editor Pelosi.

Do you not appreciate the significance of your email, below, that it is dynamite?

I will make it an orphan in spite of the nom de plume and other cover for Ned.


A PhD student fully salaried by the IEEE is advised that if in his research report he refers to cattq, , his salary will disappear. Why do you just trot off such an email without any evidence that you appreceiate such information is dynamite? IEEE peer reviewed articles, one by an IEEE editor, defamed and misrepresented me. In this situation we are almost home and dry, and prove that the whole dirty gang (evolved conspiracy, not conspiracy ) ) have captured all the commanding heights of science. Professor Bruce Charlton ;


Professor Tony Davies, ex Board of Directors of the IEEE, will not comment on this when I send it to him. He has sent me emails on trivia totalling more than 20,000 words. The nearest he got to anything relating to significant matters was when he attacked Professor Oppo for threatening me with legal action. I would of course welcome legal actions, hopefully before 12 good men and true, bringing along, not my lawyer, but a journalist and putting the proceedings (which, unlike the family courts, are not secret) on the www. I was in the family courts for six years, and know the ropes.


There will be no solidarity among these rogues. At some point, some of the enemies of science, careerists, instrumentalists, EMC gurus and the rest (Note 1) will realise that at the very least they must partially jump ship, or in the long term their reputation will be ruined, as that of my Trinity colleague Pepper FRS, Royal Society Editor, IET Faraday Medal, knighted for services to Physics etc. What value all of this when you will read about shyster Pepper on the www? Why does he not sue me? . Is it because it is all true (he wrote nonsense about cattq), a strong defence in such a case? Also Public Interest is a strong defence. Why did he never write to me that he had decided his 1993 letter to me was not correct? Because he doesn’t know whether it is correct or not? . . Too busy bringing the latest fad funding, nanotechnology, digital computers doing tiny logic using the spin of an atom? (After all, digital computers keep getting smaller. He, genius Pepper’s vision is to use atoms! Wow!) Please, Pepper, tell us at last about the electrons in Cattq, supplementing your 1993 letter to me. . Unfortunately, no money, medals and prestige in cattq, only science! Perhaps you have learnt some science since 1993, and can now comment sensibly on cattq.


As a committed scientist who has already been defamed and ridiculed many many times, I am invulnerable to such further attack. . Here it is.

An attack in the courts in front of 12 good men and true would be very welcome, particularly since I would be careful to not have a lawyer on my side, but instead a journalist. Also I would later put all the proceedings on the www. I have had many years in the courts.


I face people who, as senior members of the delinquent institutions, connive with those who have launched such attacks. A senior member of the IEEE or IET who reads this and does not put a comment on record (about IEEE and you, Ned, and peer reviewed defamation of me), is complicit in the attack on science. An example of a comment could be very brief; “This document is obviously a fabrication. Signed ….”. Don’t hold your breath while you wait for replies, which will be added at the bottom of this document. Also will be added those who fail to comment, but are known to have read it. This document is a “hot potato.” Some will be delivered recorded delivery if necessary. That is, if there is no response to an email.

Here is your explosive orphan email. The above was written on 20.9.18 immediately I saw it.

One hour ago I happened to write in an email that the rabble have captured all the commanding heights of science. To try to deal with the scientist Catt they had to descend into the gutter. In order to save science, we have to follow them into the gutter. . Saving science will have to be a dirty business.


As the money poured in, the corruption of science was inevitable, the extreme example being the CERN scam. . The money attracted in the enemies of scientific advance, who had to stabilise the knowledge base in order to protect their text books and lecture notes. They clearly had to block the biggest threat to their careers, major scientific advance, even when only hinted at by cattq, a mere question. . The man Catt who asked the Question was “bizarre”, “outside of academia and structured research”, so said an IEEE editor. Note Ned, stumbling on cattq, finding this could stop his salary.


Please give me permission to broadcast your camouflaged email below a.s.a.p. [Ned immediately gave me permission.]

We know where the rogues like Pepper FRS were when the little boy said the Emperor had no clothes. . Let us see if our crop of rogues move fast to cover their tracks, and stop pretending they don’t understand cattq, or they are too important or busy to comment. See names at the end of this document.

Ivor Catt



Here is your explosive orphan email.



Ned Smith

2:35 PM (1 hour ago)

to me



Hi Ivor.  I kind of get the impression you were not all that surprised when I explained that my supervisor had asked me to DELETE the Appendices to my Report - the ones I sent you - which had dealt with Catt's Anomaly.  I had to put everything related to Catt under the Eraser (as in "Eraser", the 1996 action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger) for the OFFICIAL version of the Report.


Like I said previously it is not so much that my Supervisor does not want me to proceed investigating the Catt Anomaly, but rather it's that he has to instruct me in the context of the fact that the IEEE are funding us, and that he needs to report to the IEEE on what I am working on.  Even if he lets me work on the Catt Anomaly as a side project and says nothing about it in his Report to the IEEE, there is the possibility that the news of what I am working on as a "side project" will travel from one person to the next and eventually find its way to HQ.  I think my supervisor wants to guard against such a risk.


Yes it was interesting to hear your anecdotes yesterday, like the international adventure that your "Catt Concept" book went through.  Maybe I should take notes next time I call as you've been giving me a lot of information and I don't take all of it in.


By the way, it would be good to meet face-to-face - we've talked about it.  You suggested that I come and see you in New York, or another idea would be if yourself and Liba would like to come down to Central Park and then I can take both of you to dinner at one of the local restaurants, like one within or next to the big station.  I suppose it should wait until after your European travels.





I think it is quite significant, and also, from what I actually said, I think it has not surprised you a great deal.  I was discouraged when this happened - I was feeling like my work was not appreciated, and as I said before it got me thinking about resignation from the programme. 


There is also this other option of staying with the programme for 3 years and THEN leaving with an MPhil degree...  I am still thinking about it, and actually I did look at the Monster Board over the weekend and put in a couple applications for Programming jobs.



Note 1

Against all these, Science never had a chance. Professor Bruce Charlton

1 Careerists.

2 Instrumentalists. Popper ;

3 Academics. Stephen Crothers ; ;

4 Mathematics. ; Mathverse ; ; The Railon -

First half of


5 EMC incubus



The Peer Review Mafia’s, or Academic Mafia’s Code of Omerta.


Comments, or refusal to comment on the allegation of corruption of our institutions, IEEE and IET; and refusal to comment on cattq by;


…. ….

…. ….


So far, these (below) have only just been approached for comment.  13.10.2018

Associate Professor Chris Spargo.

Professor Alex Yakovlev

Professor Tony Davies.

Sir Michael Pepper ;