In other words, awarding the rank of knight is an acknowledgement of the individual's continuing work and commitment, not the end of a journey.

the achievement of knighthood should indicate the beginning of a path, not the terminus.

they should serve as role models in all respects for the less experienced members.  Knights should be mentors, tutors, and sources of inspiration in their chosen field.  They should be models of chivalry, patience and generosity.  A knight should not hesitate to offer the benefit of their experience to others - even their Peers if as much is requested.

Earning the accolade is a comparatively easy task; continuing to live up to it and being worthy of it is much more difficult, and therefore confers more honor.

Dear Sir Michael Pepper,

I wonder whether you are really indifferent to your role in "The Catt Question" (cattq). When you were a Fellow of our college, the Master of our college, Trinity College, Cambridge, selected you as his top expert and asked you to write to me about “The Catt Question”, you did so . You did then reply to one approach, from Raeto West, which confirmed your “Southerner” answer. You then went incommunicado for twenty years, during which, on my suggestion, Nobel Prize Winner Brian Josephson, your colleague as Fellow in our college and also in the Cavendish, approached you and then reported to me by email that you had changed your view to Josephson’s Westerner view. However, you did not communicate this to me, as it was your duty to do.

There the matter rested, except that Southerners Lago and Morgenthaler supported you. Then recently the situation changed radically. Two Italians Pieraccini and Selleri (P&S) published a peer reviewed article on "The Catt Question" , falsely saying you took the Westerner position. The relevant Editor Pelosi also published on "The Catt Question" . P&S and Pelosi all said cattq was “intriguing”. P&S in their second article said cattq would be very useful in raising the interest of students.

Now let us look at the above; “A knight should not hesitate to offer the benefit of their experience to others - even their Peers if as much is requested.

You are clearly in dereliction of your duty as a knight. It remains to be seen whether knighthood is a sinecure, or you can have your knighthood removed.

The way a signal travels down a USB cable (cattq) is central to electromagnetic theory in today’s digital age.

In comparison with you, Professor Secker behaved honourably. He was chosen by the chief executive of the IEE to write to me about cattq. After seven weeks of confused obfuscation, he announced that he was no expert. 1"I should explain that I am no expert in the area to which the 'Catt Anomaly' refers....".Thus, he behaved honourably. It is open to you to do the same. Until you do, you represent a serious drag on scientific advance in a key area.

Ivor Catt  19 July 2016