Professor Massimiliano Pieraccini

2; In his 2011 novel "L'anomalia" , Massimo, who my translator  says represents its author Professor Massimiliano Pieraccini, says;

M «Are you kidding?» “Nobody with an ounce of common sense would risk their career and scientific reputation to study the Catt anomaly” Massimo thought,  “and even if they were spending time on this, they wouldn’t be telling people about it”.

“As a "follower of Catt", I recently received my first near-death-threat, in the form of a wish. I expect M. Pieraccini will be pleased to hear this.
"Just the idea of twisting a scientific fact for narrative purposes makes me shudder. After all, my reputation would be at stake. And academia does not take these matters lightly. I am absolutely not going to end up like Catt... or like Kaposka! "- Massimiliano Pieraccini blog, May 24, 2011 [19] (translated from Italian.) [In Pieraccini’s novel, Kaposka is murdered.]”  - Forrest Bishop    7 Nov. 2017


Pieraccioni IEEE peer reviewed misrepresentation and defamation. Edited for the IEEE by his Florence University colleague Pelosi.

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