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Professor Gian-Luca Oppo,

Univserity of Strathclyde,

16 Richmond St, Glasgow G1 1XQ

“The genius of James Clerk Maxwell, the man who made equations speak”. – Professor Gian-Luca Oppo, Strathclyde.

Please, Professor Oppo, tell us what Maxwell’s Equations tell us about a signal travelling down a USB cable from your computer to your printer (or how a battery lights a lamp).

Does the negative charge appearing on the surface of the bottom conductor come from the battery, or up from inside the conductor?

 - Ivor Catt, 15 April 2018

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For the information of the staff of the University of Strathclyde.

“Here is an incontrovertible fact:
Based on the REF 2014 GPA Scores, Times Higher Education ranked Strathclyde as
number one in the UK for physics research.” – Oppo, 23nov17

We're at the international forefront of modern physics. We're making major contributions to fundamental science, and we're having an exceptional impact on industry.

Based on the REF 2014 GPA Scores, Times Higher Education ranked Strathclyde as number one in the UK for physics research.


Please encourage Professor Oppo to keep Strathclyde ahead by commenting on cattq.

Then came Professor Oppo’s lecture; “The genius of James Clerk Maxwell, the man who made equations speak”.

I had asked Oppo to read and comment on my first two articles on Maxwell’s Equations before his lecture. ; .  In the event three people had attacked him for threatening me with legal action. . This encouraged him to write what I call six pages, , after his lecture. (The second longest suicide note in history.)

In his six pages, he made the mistake of writing (p5); “There is no ‘Catt’s anomaly’, just scientifically poor mathematical and physical statements.”

But “The Catt Question”, , misnamed by Oppo, has nothing to do with Maxwell’s Equations. Clearly Oppo had only read the misleading articles with that title, “Catt’s anomaly”. Now, as “number one in the UK for physics research”, it is necessary for Oppo to comment on “The Catt Question”. Today there are contradictory answers to “The Catt Question”, or cattq. It is necessary for those who are “number one in the UK for physics research”, Strathclyde, to put the matter straight.

Historically, there were two contradictory “answers” to cattq, southerner and westerner. This anomaly led to the book “The Catt Anomaly” , telling us that accredited experts contradicted each other on fundamentals. Twenty years later this anomaly was retitled “The Catt Question”. This asked for clarification of classical electromagnetism, and did not assert that there was something fundamentally wrong. There was no comment by any accredited expert for 30 years . Then, in a “publish or perish” exercise to get past peer review, three Italian professors in Florence recently misnamed it “Catt’s anomaly”, and said cattq asserted that there was something wrong with theory. , ignoring their own advice; .  What is wrong is, not classical theory, but that it is stated in contradictory ways, southerner and westerner.

“The Catt Question was first broached in 1981, a third of a century ago. pp95,96. It is important that this fundamental feature of classical electromagnetism be resolved by number one in the UK for physics research. Since Professor Oppo introduced “The Catt Question” – “There is no Catt’s anomaly”, you will agree that it would be very wrong for him to make no comment on it.


The above, “number one in the UK for physics research”, makes Strathclyde well worth my time. For 30 years, no “expert” in the world has made written comment on the first two of my articles on Maxwell’s Equations.

Then came Professor Oppo’s lecture; “The genius of James Clerk Maxwell, the man who made equations speak”.

My comments. ;



Gian-Luca Oppo <>


to me

Dear Mr. Catt,

thank you for your message.

During the lecture I will not discuss the mathematical details of Maxwell’s equations or their form since this is an event for the general public.
The lecture is about the legacy of the whole of Maxwell’s work and its relevance to twentieth century technology that, I am sure we all agree,
is huge.

Best regards,

gian-luca oppo

On 17 Nov 2017, at 18:38, Ivor Catt <said there was something wrong with theory<>> wrote:

Dear Professor Gian-Luca Oppo,

"The Genius of James Clerk Maxwell, the man who made equations speak."

I look forward to attending your lecture (above) at the Italian Institute, London, on 1 December.

I would particularly value your comments to me before that date on my two articles about Maxwell's Equations.

Also, you could of course immediately tell me whether you deal primarily with Maxwell's quaternions, or the Heaviside-Maxwell differential equations.

Ivor Catt
01727 864257

gian-luca oppo

1796 Freeland Chair of Natural Philosophy
Coordinator of the CNQO group and Optics division
SUPA and Department of Physics, University of Strathclyde
Glasgow, G4 0NG, Scotland, E.U.
Tel : +44-(0)141-548-3761

Here is an incontrovertible fact:
Based on the REF 2014 GPA Scores, Times Higher Education ranked Strathclyde as number one in the UK for physics research.





Stephen Crothers

11:35 PM (13 hours ago)


Dear Mr. Catt,

Thankyou for posting to your website my exposé [1] of numerous errors committed by Professor Gian-Luca Oppo [2], 1796 Freeland Chair of Natural Philosophy, Department of Physics, University of Strathclyde, in his 'criticisms' of your two papers on Maxwell's equations [3,4]. Oppo's misconceptions as to Maxwell's equations are the rule amidst academics and textbook writers. Consequently they do not understand Maxwell, or you, but profess expertise and authority in electromagnetic theory nevertheless. It's rather comical, as Oliver Heaviside would say. It's no wonder that academics and textbook writers are spending $100,000,000.00 of Milner's thoughtless money, using radio telescopes all around the world, trying to contact aliens! [5]*.

I note that the Glasgow Professor has sought refuge in silence, in the wake of his incredible document [2]. No doubt his entire faculty will do the same, being as they are, academics and textbook writers, thanks to whom, at large, physical science has become a circus freak show. It is a serious matter of public interest that must be revealed to people, who have the right to know where their tax money is being squandered in no small measure, on and by academics and textbook writers pretending to science.


Yours faithfully, 

Steve Crothers 


*The same that fly saucers and UFO's, and kidnap people for experiment and vivisection; since they all come from outer space.

[1] Crothers, S.J., Professor Gian-Luca Oppo -ats- Mr. Ivor Catt,

[2] Oppo, G.-L., Reply to Mr. Ivor Catt : On the Correctness, Relevance and Importance of Maxwell's Equations,

[3] Catt, I., Maxwell's equations revisited, Wireless World, March 1980, p.77,

[4] Catt, I., The hidden message in Maxwell's equations, Electronics & Wireless World, November 1985, p. 184,



On 10 Jan 2018 3:20 pm, "Ivor Catt" <> wrote:

The trouble started in 1873, and continued to deepen ever since then. Errors and misunderstanding have built up since 1873 to the present quagmire discussed by Crothers.

Maxwell said "Hence our theory agrees with the undulatory theory in assuming the existence of a medium which is capable of becoming a receptacle of two forms of energy".J C Maxwell, "A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism" vol.2 art.782 p432, 1873/189.


In 2017, academia and text books still do not know about digital computers, which today comprise 95% of all electronics. Einstein died shortly before the introduction of the Sampling Oscilloscope, which clearly shows a pulse travelling at the speed of light guided by two conductors. Thus, to his death, he could reasonably say; Einstein teaches 'The Rolling Wave'. - Albert Einstein and Leopold Infeld, 'The Evolution of Physics', pub. CUP 1938, p154; '" .... What kind of changes are now spreading in the case of an electromagnetic wave? Just the changes of an electromagnetic field! Every change of an electric field produces a magnetic field; every change of this magnetic field produces an electric field; every change of ...., and so on."


Feynman lived longer, and should have known better; "How can this bundle of electric and magnetic fields maintain itself? The answer is: by the combined effects of the Faraday law, [curlE = -dB/dt], and the new term of Maxwell, [c^2curlB = dE/dt]. They cannot help maintaining themselves. Suppose the magnetic field were to disappear. There would be a changing magnetic field which would produce an electric field. If this electric field tries to go away, the changing electric field would create a magnetic field back again. So, by a perpetual interplay- BY THE SWISHING BACK AND FORTH FROM ONE FIELD TO THE OTHER- they must go on forever. It is impossible for them to disappear*".


For seventy years we have been able to see a pulse travelling from your computer to your printer via a USB cable. The signal does not undulate. It is a steady zero or steady ExH. Changing E and H do not cause each other. (Even if we send a sine wave, the E and H are in phase, so cannot cause each other. To cause each other, they would have to be out of phase. }


The first person to analyse Maxwell's Equations, or rather the Heaviside-Maxwell equations, for more than a century was myself. (Oppo does not analyse them. He merely celebrates them, encrusting them with more and more mathematics.) I found that the equations do not in fact say that changing E causes H and changing H causes E. They are a peculiar way of saying that the ratio of E to H is constant. The ration equals 377.


On the issue of whether changing E causes H and changing H causes E, the great Heaviside equivocated. He was the greatest, but not perfect.

Ivor Catt