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In 2009 Ivor Catt wrote;  (with additions)

The first duty of a Science Establishment careerist footsoldier is to not admit to ever having heard of a heretic. Failing that, the second is to never read any heresy. Failing even that, the third is to falsely claim he has never read heresy. (Catt is "on the Index ".) If an Establishment footsoldier should get involved with a heretic, he will be disowned by The Establishment. There is no loyalty within the Establishment.

Professor Massimiliano Pieraccini’s novel is later, 2011;  His alter ego Massimo says; M «Are you kidding “Nobody with an ounce of common sense would risk their career and scientific reputation to study the Catt anomaly” Massimo thought,  “and even if they were spending time on this, they wouldn’t be telling people about it”. His novel was promoted by his associate in Florence University, Professor Pelosi, Associate Editor of the IEEE journal, who says he was responsible for publishing the IEEE’s Pieraccini article which defames Catt.  Pelosi also defamed Catt. ”.... outside of academia and structured research”.


Pieraccini covers his tracks; - “Catt probably misinterprets the concepts of charge and field.” This should placate the Science Establishment, for whom Catt did not exist for 30 or 50 years, and should have continued to not exist.


Why is Catt not paranoid?

“Catt is certainly paranoid and ignorant,” - Nigel Cook


Professor Post