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Correspondence with Ian Montgomery about Lewin's failure to reply to my second email. 1 July 2009

Dear Ian Montgomery,
I did not notice that Professor Lewin is on this circulation. I have appended my second email, to which he did not reply (after replying to my first), below. This will be the acid test on whether he replies.

His behaviour is true of all establishment figures, and that is why the Age of Enightenment is at an end. . I would have thought you, Ian, would have been well versed in the present catastrophic situation. Unlike the 19th century, ours is now a medaeval culture. "Modern Physics" is the new religion, and is not open to question. This is because, if questioned, it would collapse, and many reputations and careers with it. Too many scientific advances have been made, and suppressed, since the "Council of Nicea" - sorry, the "Council of Solvay- Brussels", when the doctrine of Modern Physics was codified, in 1927. High Speed Digital Electronics was developed after 1927, generating many interesting insights and scientific advances. However, since it began after 1927, it is not permitted to influence the doctrine of "Modern Physics". So much time has now passed, with the continual suppression of key scientific advances, that it is now impossible to articulate the new insights onto Lewin's lecture, which can be reached at . In my article I say that a body of knowledge, for instance electromagnetic theory, is defended by administrators who do not need to exercise it and grasp it in order to defend it. "The central body of knowledge ossifies, becomes brittle and disintegrates." This is the situation which has been reached by electromagnetic theory, after more than half a century of stagnation.

Harold Hillman, , says that the new code of conduct, which we need, must include the requirement that establishment figures reply when communicated with by their peers. He is very familiar with his colleagues refusing to reply in writing, although they will reply verbally.

Ivor Catt

The trouble is, should Lewin have a change of heart, and decide to embrace the insights gained from digital electronics during the last fifty years, he would find himself isolated from the remainder of the entrenched Establishment. There is no loyaly within the "Knowledge Mafia", as Ekkehard Friebe describes them. A good example is Louis Essen FRS, who found himself isolated when he spoke out of turn. The same happened to Brian Josephson, a Nobel Prizewinner. - Ivor, 1 July 2009]



Dear Ivor,

One would hope that what you have described below is not necessarily true of all establishment figures.

It will be interesting to see if Professor Lewin has the courage to prove himself not to be one of those robot-like "entrenched Establishment figures" by responding to your second email.

Best regards,

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Lewin's is standard practice for entrenched Establishment figures. I have many, many examples of such behaviour spead over decades, some of them on my websites - failure to reply to the first six or seven copies of a letter or email from me. (An example is Lord Rees, who apologised once in writing, and has since done nothing. ) However, initially Lewin made a mistake by replying to my first email, and such a mistake is occasionally made. He correctly identified the relatively trivial, minor point in my email, about Kirchhoff, and replied only to that. He should not have replied at all, but he was over-confident, and did not at first realise the significance of my email, which undermined the core of his teaching, and meant that his lecture would have to be removed from the www.

Lewin is now doing what he can to make up for his initial mistake, of replying to heresy, by ignoring anything more coming from me.

The first duty of an Establishment footsoldier is to not admit to ever having heard of a heretic. The second is to never have read any heresy. The third is to falsely claim he has never read heresy. (Catt is "on the Index".) If an Establishment footsoldier should get involved with a heretic, he will be disowned by The Eastablishment. There is no loyalty within the Establishment.

Lewin has reaped great honours for his performance in lecturing to students. His lectures can be seen on the Internet. He woulde not knowingly give up such a reputation by getting entangled in heresy.

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Dear Professor Lewin,
Thank you for your limited reply about Kirchhoff (at bottom of ). I have removed that minor part about Kirchhoff from my questions, and submit the rest to you now.
Ivor Catt
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Subject: capacitor

Dear Professor Walter H G Lewin,

In your MIT lecture 18 at you drew lines showing electric current spreading out over the capacitor plate. That is, you mentioned that electric current flows across the capacitor plate, at right angles to the main flow. However, this was just in passing, and you did not discuss the magnetic field which must result in the horizontal direction, using Ampere's Law.

This lateral flow of electric current had been overlooked for over a century, until I pointed it out in 1978 at . Please comment on the implications of this current as discussed by me in 1978. I also treat it at

In your lecture, you drew parallel lines indicating that the electric field in the capacitor is uniform. . Please comment on my comments here.

Ivor Catt



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