The Wakefield Experiment and the three Catt Questions.

The Wakefield Experiment ; Harry Ricker ; The Wakefield Experiments background and motivation . The Challenge .

The Catt Question

The Second Catt Question ; Dearholt and McSpadden, 1973

The Third Catt Question

The results of “The Wakefield Experiment” point to a fatal flaw in classical electrodynamics.

The three Catt Questions point to fundamental difficulties in classical electrodynamics. They are elementary questions about details of the theory.


no accredited professor or text book writer in the world will comment on Catt’s work, as summarised at ”. This is to be found via hyperlink from the Wikipedia article on “Ivor Catt”.

It is no longer true in 2016. Still, no professor or text book writer will comment in writing on The Wakefield Experiment . However, there have now been two peer reviewed articles on what the authors call “Catt’s anomaly”. For these two articles and my rejected attempts to reply, see .