Theory D

Dear Alex,

You will know that, even before the Covid fiasco, Catt decided that we were at a turning point in the history of science.

The previous major pointer was the failure of the "system", to which Catt attributed "the code of omerta of the academic mafia in a core discipline, electromagnetic theory ",  to cope with the intrusion of the ExH step in a transmission line, which had been encrusted with the sine wave and a mushrooming of complex mathematics.

The concept of an academic mafia is inappropriate, because a key element within the mafia is the IET, IEEE and the Royal Society. They are all part of the scientific mafia. They all defend the pre-digital canon.

Turning to covid, that fiasco may have been the result of the silencing of my close colleague the late Harold Hillman, who came twice weekly to watch me die the first time I lay dying (but didn't).

Howie, part of the mafia, says I misrepresent him (and talks about my “absurd ego trip”). Josephson says I misrepresent him, threatens to have my degree confiscated, and suggests I need medical attention. Oppo threatened to sue me. John Dore FIET says I am insulting people who are “distinguished”.  Previously, the Italians said I needed to be sent to Coventry.

All of this is compelling evidence that something important is afoot, as it is. Theory D will destroy careers and reputations. Since science advances by revolution, even minor scientific advance, unlike stable Latin or the three R's, is damaging, and the MICE are right to defend themselves - Mathematicians, Instrumentalists, Careerists, EMC. The last is sinusoidal.

To be continued

 Ivor Catt  26.8.2020


I cannot see any need for confidentiality in this process. The mafia all believe they are not part of a mafia, which is true. . How can you be conspiring when you don't know you are conspiring? These honest men are being sorely misrepresented. It is not their fault if they have been brainwashed into not understanding the simplest things, for instance cattq.


What is most hilarious of all is that no Professor in the History of Science, or Philosophy of Science, or Sociology of Science will touch this matter, which would threaten their funding. They will prove to be the handmaidens of the “scientific” mafia. However, I shall have to try it on, as further evidence for the predicted 2040/5 inquest into the death of science. Watch this space. 26.8.2020