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Jordan Peterson says that universities are today doing more harm than good.

Ivor Catt says that the increase of university places from 10% to 50% brings more people to join in Sowell's  "vision of the anointed", who control things of which they know nothing. Having (specialist) diplomas which prove that they have been successfully brainwashed by the academic mafia, they oust those in control of handling practical affairs. Their diplomas in something kids them they are experts in everything, and can and should control and direct everything, even that of which they know nothing. Thus the idiotic decisions on Covid by the highly qualified ignorant.

Ivor Catt


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Mon, 8 Jun, 21:54 (11 hours ago)

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Go to 6 minutes. The Spanish professor says the Spanish high speed trains are a total loss. The fares cannot even pay for the conductors and the electricity.  


When I travelled by car near High Speed rails in Spain and France, I noticed that there passed only one train during the five hours I was watching.

Look at the time table, and see if there are many high speed trains travelling on these expensive rails.




Thomas Sowell says the "intelligentsia" teach each other their canon, but do not check it against reality.

"The vision of the anointed". They teach each other, and examine each other, in the canon. They want control of any activity to be by the anointed. The expert in a very narrow field and having "risen" in that narrow field, should be in control of something about which they know nothing of the reality, which should really be controlled by those with practical experience of that subject.  


This has to be mapped onto the instrumentalists in science like Howie, Dore, Davies, who unite to block scientific advance. They use the bogus instrumentalist philosophy; "the truth that there are no truths", to justify their blocking "unpractical" scientific advance. They find this useful in protecting their careers and reputations against the destructive effect of scientific advance, particularly major advance, like "Theory C". It reaches the extreme if Howie calls Catt's "Theory C" "an absurd ego trip" , or the Italians call the scientist Catt "bizarre". ; 

Ivor Catt 9.6.2020


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Description:  Howie, ex head of the Cavendish. His letter is nonsense.

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Third Catt Question


On Mon, 29 Jun 2020 at 11:23, Prof. A Howie <> wrote:

Dear Ivor,

I could not possibly improve on this most recent message of yours as an
illustration of the justice of my description "absurd ego trip" to
describe your activity!

On the one hand we have this absolutely outrageous fantasy about Maxwell
and his bank followed immediately afterwards by the "no electric
current" claim simply repeated despite numerous arguments to the
contrary. I and others supplied detailed accounts e.g, for a coax cable
that Maxwell's equations pride a solution where the energy is carried by
the EM field between the conductors but is of necessity linked to an
electric current within them.  On connection to a standard hot filament
lamp it is this current that will light it.

Archie Howie.

  On 2020-06-27 14:06, Ivor Catt wrote:
> The Maxwell nonsense.
> ;
> Did Maxwell lodge with his bank the answer to his mathematical bluff,
> Maxwell’s Equations, with instructions to open and publish a century
> later? And did the bank lose the envelope?
> Here is what Howie calls Catt's "absurd ego trip";
>  Theory D   There is no electric current. The battery delivers the
> energy current(ExH) between the wires. The energy current lights the
> lamp.

> Nothing happens within the rails when they guide the train from London
> to Newcastle.. Railons do not exist.
> (There must not be a gap in a rail.)
> _By the way, is there such a thing as an electric current? Not that it
> is intended to cast any doubt upon the existence of a phenomenon so
> called; but is it a current – that is, something moving through a
> wire_ – Oliver Heaviside, “Electrical Papers”, vol. 1, page 434,
> 1892.
> Ivor Catt
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