The Elephant Hunter


Although I’ve never been to Africa, I’m an elephant hunter
no savanna or deep jungle for me, but sitting rooms
and kitchens. Posh dinner parties, with always
too much alcohol, subjects no one wants to talk about

the elephant in the room.


There seems to be more of them in England
hiding they are, behind the stiff upper lip
and the this just won’t do attitude.


Pregnancies, drugs and alcohol elephants

are the most common at home

but you see them at the office
in the conference rooms

people stepping over themselves
pushing and shoving, subconsciously
to get out of the way of the trumping beast


I like elephant hunting, I’ve got my eyes
set on the big one in science these days

the beasts roaming the halls of academia

The electric elephant, all those electrons jostling
along the wire, one elephant after the other
slapping the one in front
a Mexican wave of elephants down the wire
magical and mystical and ultimately flawed.


This elephants getting bigger, and soon
it’s going to pop, and show us
it was a white elephant after all

Ultimately useless.


The white elephant of electronics
disposed of, but others continue to flap around

And it’s not an elephant gun I need
but confidence of mind, curiosity
and above all courage, courage to face the elephant
cos in the end it is merely the elephant in the room
a figure of speech, and it doesn’t hurt after all.


Malcolm F. Davidson              July 20th 2017




Wrong. It hurts a lot. Tony Davies can’t face this sort of thing. – Ivor Catt   27 July 2017

No electric current. "The End of Electric Charge .... ...."

 “The Catt Question” (1) and now (2) establish that electric charge and electric current fail to marry with a TEM Wave, which they are supposed to accompany.  However, even before these, Oliver Heaviside had begun the destruction of electricity when he said;

Now in Maxwell’s theory there is the potential energy of the displacement .... .... by the electric force, and there is the .... .... magnetic energy .... .... due to the magnetic field in all parts of the field, including the conducting parts. They are supposed to be set up by the current in the wire. We reverse this; the current in the wire is set up by the energy transmitted through the medium around it. – Oliver Heaviside, vol. 1, page 438, 1892.

He also rocked the boat when he said;

By the way, is there such a thing as an electric current? Not that it is intended to cast any doubt upon the existence of a phenomenon so called; but is it a current – that is, something moving through a wire – Oliver Heaviside, “Electrical Papers”, vol. 1, page 434, 1892.