The Italians contradict themselves.

They fail to sort their ideas out on the central feature of Catt’s 50 years of research, where he follows Oliver Heaviside.

Catt’s Anomaly

Massimiliano Pieraccini and Stefano Selleri

.... ....

He [Catt] asserts that the fields are the primary cause, and that currents and charges are secondary effects.

.... ....

The “Anomaly” is there because in his [Catt’s] view, currents are the source of the TEM wave, and should be there before the wave they cause.

This is not a trivial matter. Whether Current causes Field (Theory N) or Field causes Current (Theory H) is central to Catt’s work. The move from Theory N to Theory H was one of Heaviside’s two great contributions to electromagnetic theory, and is very frequently mentioned in Catt’s writings.

I have only now noticed this. Ivor Catt  7 February 2017.

In Heaviside's magnificent, regal statement, "We reverse this." In his Electrical Papers, vol. 1, 1892, page 438, Heaviside wrote;

Now, in Maxwell's theory there is the potential energy of the displacement produced in the dielectric parts by the electric force, and there is the kinetic or magnetic energy of the magnetic force in all parts of the field, including the conducting parts. They are supposed to be set up by the current in the wire [Theory N]. We reverse this; the current in the wire is set up by the energy transmitted through the medium around it [Theory H]….  1 , 2

"we still plan to publish it in the next available issue of the AP Magazine " - Professor Mahta Moghaddam, Editor. [February 2017?]

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There is a clear error in the original Pieraccini article, which calls Pepper "a renowned scientist" but then falsely states that he is a "Westerner", supporting Pieraccini [Note 1]. Pieraccini has read the letter Pepper's wrote to me; Pieraccini writes; "In his own [Catt's] book [4], he cites several personal communications. One is a 1993 letter by Sir Michael Pepper (born August 10, 1942), a renowned physicist active in semicon ductors." - Pieraccini, In Pepper's letter he clearly states that he is a Southerner. Pepper says that charge coming from the west would have to travel at the speed of light, which is impossible.  "As the wave travels at light velocity, then charge supplied from outside the system would have to travel at light velocity as well,  which is clearly impossible. " - Pepper

Note 1. The Westerner case; ".... the very high number of electrons in the metal, which can follow the TEM wave at a speed of c, generating an appropriate current, even if each single electron moved at a drift velocity much smaller than c"  - Pieraccini

There are other ways in which the IEEE Code of Ethics are breached by the original Pieraccini article, for example the repeated use of defamation. These breaches are covered by the Code's clauses 2 and 9.