Analysis of the TEM Wave in 2011

 "The Catt Question"

Sir Michael Pepper




Ten years ago I did an analysis of the text books on electromagnetic theory, and put my comments on their sorry state on the www. More recently I have looked at all the books a number of times, and note a continual deterioration in their quality and increase in their price. Today, a young lecturer does not have access to the key information that he needs in order to lecture on electromagnetic theory. As an example, he cannot definitely determine the relative phase of E and H in a sinusoidal TEM wave guided by two conductors.


The repercussions are serious, compounded by the traditional wrong model for the TEM Wave, called “The Rolling Wave”, where E causes H causes E. I now realise that this wrong model is held by 99%, not 50%, of professors and lecturers ( and by Einstein and Feynman ). That is why they cannot grasp "The Catt Question" . This theoretical weakness led all relevant professors in the world to refuse to comment on my article of January/February 2011 .


Ivor Catt. 16 August 2011