Ivor Catt <ivorcatt@gmail.com>

13 Sept 2021, 12:50 (1 day ago)






If we think in terms of all those in high places in "science" as being clueless, everything suddenly makes sense. I have a dying (of cancer) anonymous supercharged Professor, whom I call "ED". An epidemiologist, he brought the bats to Wuhan, and so on. He told me (in confidence) that those in high positions in "science" in academia got there by accident, and are no better than those far beneath them.

89 year old Professor Henry Bauer confirmed to me that the Head of the Cavendish, or a science Nobel prize winner and the like will probably be found to know no history of science, no sociology of science, no philosophy of science.

It had never occurred to me that such "distinguished" people (whom Howie calls "senior scientists",) might never have heard of Galileo, and will be desperately trying to keep up appearances.

None of them will dare to comment on the Hawking scandal, next to Newton's grave.  


When Howie limits his comments on my articles on Maxwell's Equations http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/x18j1.htm to the single word; "Outrageous", this will be because he has no competence in, or knowledge of, the ridiculous Maxwell Equations. Similarly the ridiculous Professor Oppo.   http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/x892max.pdf


The trouble is, they control all the schools, universities, text books and professional journals.

They were attracted to "science" by the big money and prestige, which will be damaged by scientific revolution

like theory d http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/d.htm , on which they will not dare comment. They are not even interested in major threatened scientific advance, but only fear such as a threat, which it is. What happened to professors and text books when phlogiston disappeared?

Of all subjects, they have to profess to competence in the core subject, electromagnetic theory. Having jousted with the bizarre mathematics alleged to be what electromagnetic theory is, they even believe the have competence in a subject which is physical, not mathematical. When asked a simple physical question, like the relative phase of E and H, or cattq, they are floored.   http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/cattq.htm

This situation pervades the whole of science, leading to increasingly grave fiascos like AIDS, "man made climate change", and now the Covid fiasco. Then in come crooks like Gates, Fauci and Schwab to exploit the situation.