Email to Professor Danielle George.

Congratulations on your IET post of President.

I have waited for you to be president for a few months before approaching you.

I am aged 84, and concerned that problems due to the failure of my relationship with the IET will be exacerbated with my death. 


Dear Professor Danielle George,

While writing this email, I have come to realise that as President, you will not have the time needed to look into what I have to tell you. I think you will need to delegate to someone in the IET to deal with it. They will need to be senior, with some executive power.

Eleven minutes into your inaugural address  you mentioned Oliver Heaviside's papers held by the IET. They will include letters from his best friend Searle. Searle's nephew gave me the Heaviside to Searle mirror of the IET's letters from Searle to Heaviside. I was recently invited to come down to the IET, and the Searle to Heaviside letters - temperature and humidity controlled - were laid out before me.


The leading experts on Heaviside during the half century when he was silenced were Josephs and Gossick.

I have the approx. two feet cube box of Heaviside memorabilia given to me by Searle's nephew the Reverend Timmins. This includes Einstein writing to Searle asking him to introduce him to Heaviside, photographs, Heaviside's comments on Einstein "Einstein the joker", ;

Heaviside's tie , and 200 pages of letters from Heaviside to Searle, the reverse of the Searle-Heaviside letters owned by the IET. Heaviside had been eclipsed, and Timmins told me the IEE and Cambridge library refused to come and see the box, and he planned to destroy the contents next winter. I also have a great deal of further material given to me by H J Josephs, who co-published with Searle the IEE 1975 anniversary discussion of Heaviside, a copy of which is in the Searle box. (Searle used to sleep at midday. Part of his agreement to research and write for the IEE publication was that the IEE provide him with a secretary and a bed.)  I edited and published Searle's unpublished biography of Heaviside, which was in manuscript form in the Searle box. .


My co-author Malcolm Davidson and I visited Josephs many times. The IET has one of the two unpublished copies of Heaviside's biography by Searle. I also went to the USA to see the other leading Heaviside expert, Gossick . In my own publications, I continually refer to Heaviside. . My work matches Heaviside's. .

I look forward to hearing from your representative, who could come to see "The Searle Box" here in St. Albans. I could come (without the box) to London to see you or your representative.

My work has been silenced by Peer Review by the IET, except for something by my co-author, the late Dr. Lynch, a doyen of the IEE ; .

Also once there was a peer reviewed IET attack on one of my books. , but my work is now in the leading Royal Society journal . However, on a single occasion Dettmer of the IEE did publish in the IEE commentary on the 16 million project which developed "Catt Spiral", which came to market with acclaim. ;

Ivor Catt

tel. 01727 864257

9.12.2020  p434; "By the way, is there such a thing as electric current?" Oliver Heaviside.