While writing http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/x857.htm  I discussed the multiple attacks on electromagnetic theory by the Instrumentalists, the careerists and the mathematicians. I completely forgot the fourth source of corruption, the EMC community. It was previously called EMI. Shortly after publishing a paper on the EMC community in 2003

http://www.ivorcatt.co.uk/x19temc.pdf (" .... A fatally flawed dicsipline .... I was invited to give a lecture to the annual meeting of the IEEE England EMC branch. I was nervous, because someone might have read my article. However, after my lecture, some of those in attendance said they agreed with me, that the EMC business was fatally flawed!

The IEEE had the cancer of "EMC" within it. As I recollect, for the EMC boys, what matters is the persistent interference between one radio station and another. They were not interested in the one-off, the massive interference with a car's electronics (digital) if the other car it is passing switches on its starter motor, giving a one-off large transient which would upset digital equipment, but not sine wave stuff.

These people may have cleaned up their act since 2003.