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Theory C.

When a battery lights a lamp, electric current is not involved.

A stream of energy is guided towards the lamp by the two conductors. If the guiding conductors are imperfect, a small amount of the energy diverts sideways into the conductors and heats then slightly ( Figure 30 ).

Development from “Theory C”. Electric charge and electric current do not exist. They are mathematical manipulations of Energy Current ExH. Maxwell’s Equations can be used to do the manipulations.

As with distance, velocity, acceleration, rate of change of acceleration, something derived mathematically from something which is real is not necessarily real.

The Charged Capacitor.

The results of The Wakefield Experiment , published in Electronics World, April 2013, shows that a charged capacitor does not have a stationary electric field. The energy reciprocates from end to end, part electric, part magnetic. (Actually it is all electromagnetic. There do not exist energy in an electric field or energy in a magnetic field. All is ExH, which links to power in Watts.)

Wikipedia says; “a static electric field develops across the dielectric, .... ”. This is clearly not true.

A “static magnetic field” will also be a false idea. It will be made up of two TEM Waves going in opposite directions, as with the so-called “static electric field”.

The Single Velocity Universe.

Everything is made up of ExH TEM Waves. Maxwell's Equations tell us that they can only travel at the speed of light.

The Particle.

A viable particle has not been satisfactorily defined, and so cannot be used in science. A combination of ExH Energy Currents might simulate the "electron" , but that is not a particle. A particle must have zero volume and infinite density, or it is anti-relativistic (no instantaneous action at a distance). The particle seems to be thought of as a Primitive. We cannot have portions of a Primitive existing “ elsewhere “, in different universes, with no knowledge of what is happening to other parts of it at that time.

Single Velocity Universe.

Manipulation of Maxwell’s Equations produces the velocities of light, +c and –c. There is no third solution “Zero” to the equations. Electromagnetic energy cannot stand still. Also, there is no solution less than c. Energy cannot travel slower than c. If we are composed fully of energy, then every part of us travels at c. As a rotating flywheel appears to be stationary, we only appear to be stationary.

“Modern Physics”

After the first twenty years, I was slow to see the fatal flaws in classical theory. However, after forty years of study, they come thick and fast.

The Catt Question .

This was after twenty years. First pointed out by me on pages 95 and 96 in August 1981. However, that was preceded by “The death of electric current” on pages 86 thru 91 in December 1980. Based on the behaviour of the Tektronix 109 Reed Relay Pulse Generator, it became clear that the concepts “electric charge” and “electric current” could not be retained as helping a battery to light a lamp. This is reinforced by The Wakefield Experiment , whose results are published in Electronics World, April 2013. It was also preceded by discussion of the apparent absurdity in;

Maxwell's Equations 1980 , repeated in 1985 . dx/dt, or velocity, is buried in the two key Maxwell Equations and really relate to velocity. It is thought to indicate, not velocity, but causality, for instance in Faraday’s alleged discovery of electromagnetic induction.


The Second Catt Question

This came in 2012, after a remarkably long delay of thirty years, although it was casually mentioned previously. For some reason, I only in 2012 did I realise the enormity of the flaw in classical theory. However, Forrest Bishop thinks it is only on the level of the first The Catt Question thirty years previously.

The T.E.M. Wave

A lot of nonsense is written in text books and elsewhere about the TEM Wave.