Dear Steve Lew,


Forgotten Biography of Heaviside by H J Josephs.


I have the first fifty pages of the biog. I plan to put the whole book on the www. It will cost me 25 to get the whole book in sheets. It will then take me a lot of time to put it on the www. Unless you object, I will credit you with pointing the book out to me. Josephs told me the IEEE library threw out Josephs' short biog of Heaviside twice (I think he gave me a copy), so that will be why he gave his full 233pp biog. that you pointed out to me to the Science Museum, not the IEE.


(In the Science Museum library, {which I did not think existed} I came across the Mahon biography, which praises me for editing and publishing the Heaviside biography by his best friend Searle). Also the Nahin biography.


A very small number of people like me carry the future of what Bruce Charlton calls "real science" on their shoulders. Meanwhile, all our institutions and research funding are captured by Raznick's "Zombie Science" careerists.


In the 233pp HJJ book I read that the IEE President said when he set it up that one of the reasons why the "Faraday Medal" was set up was to give the first to Heaviside in view of his massive contribution to electromagnetic theory. In 2013 a careerist Pepper, "knighted for services to physics", (who, like the Italians, wrote rubbish on "The Catt Question") received the Faraday Medal. There are photos hanging of 100 major "scientists" in the IEEIET's HQ. They do not include Heaviside. [Not true. My partner Liba found him. Ivor Catt 22 jan 2018. However, Heaviside is generally neglected by the IET.] Heaviside disappeared, not mentioned in any text book for more than 50 years. My work, 100 years later, is on the lines of Heaviside's. It is suppressed, except that recently it was rubbished by three Italians in two peer reviewed journals.


Ivor Catt

13 Dec. 2016