Analysis of Professor M Pepper FRS on "The Catt Question"

Sir Michael Pepper





After more or less totally failing to publish for some decades in refereed journals, with the occasional exception , I stumbled on "The Catt Question" , an elementary question in established electromagnetic theory. I caused two senior administrators in academia to select their top expert, instructing them to write to me with the answer.


Their replies totally contradicted each other, Pepper the Southerner and McEwan the Westerner . Third parties then pointed this out to them, and they did nothing about it for some decades.


Of particular interest is Sir Michael Pepper FRS, later knighted “for services to physics”, who has remained incommuncado since 1993, his one and only letter to me. He has also become the editor of the top journal of The Royal Society.


After some years Nobel Prizewinner Brian Josephson, Westerner , got involved, and emailed to me that Pepper now agreed with him. However, Pepper refuses to confirm this. This is important, because others have copied Pepper’s ridiculous “Southerner” reply to "The Catt Question" . These include the IEE (now IET). “The flaw here is the assumption that the charges move with the wave. whereas in reality they simply come to the surface as the wave passes, and when it has gone they recede into the conductor.” They and others need to be told that the man who misled them has changed his mind.


The pressure on Pepper to comment has gradually increased until the first four Google hits for “pepper frs” are by me, and also numbers 17, 18, 19, 20.


What is the sanction against someone who was knighted for services to physics, and then refuses to confirm or deny that he has changed his position on fundamentals from what he wrote in 1993?


Ivor Catt. 14 August 2011


20 March 2012. The Principal of Pepper’s new college, University College London, refuses to reply to this email to him (above). This correlates with the refusal of Lord Rees when Master of Trinity and also when President of the Royal Society to do anything about the refusal of his members to do anything about their contradiction on fundamentals. That is, in Science, the administrative head of an organisation will endorse and support misconduct of this kind by his senior members. 1 , 2 , 3  Ivor Catt