Howie faces cattq


The key man to bring cattq to was Howie, the head of the Cavendish, Cambridge, which is what I did. He was also a member of my college, Trinity.

His (westerner) "reply" contradicted the "southerner" reply of Pepper, who reported to him.

He and Pepper refused to discuss their contradiction for 27 years.

The need for honesty.

Howie does not grasp cattq . He has arrogantly helped to silence cattq for 40 years. He was head of the Cavendish, Cambridge. 


Recently from Howie to Catt; "your absurd ego trip".

Howie on the transmission line. He has photons in a charged capacitor.


Will he now forward me to the accredited experts in the subject? Does he know of any? So far, no "accredited expert" on electromagnetic theory in the world has commented on cattq except for the ignorant, rogue Italians. . .



Ivor Catt   6.8.2020