Energy current and computing

Alex Yakovlev

Published 29 October 2018

Yakovlev deviations from the canon.


The article by Alex Yakovlev has numerous deviations, or heresies, outside the “Modern Physics” canon for electromagnetic theory, which has held sway for a century ever since Heaviside threatened it and was suppressed. He was then unmentioned in any text book for more than half a century. By now, “work” within the canon amounts to many billions of euros per year, including CERN and LIGO. Escape from the canon threatens thousands of people’s positions and salaries, and billions of money p.a.

The three unquotable Heaviside quotes which I have identified are;

“By the way, is there such a thing as electric current? ….”

“We reverse this …. ” the field causes the current ….

Energy current.


Here are some of the Yakovlev deviations. Total seven, “too big to fail”.

”We reverse this ….

Theory C.

a capacitor is a transmission line. ;

Wakefield experiment (leading to heretical results).

 (Wakefield) …. Half the energy in a charged capacitor is always travelling from right to left at the speed of light, and the other half from left to right.

There is no such thing as a static electric field in a capacitor.

Displacement current …. has no physical reality.

 Any one of these deviations destroys classical electromagnetism, and with it “Modern Physics”.

Professor Alex Yakovlev does not mention “The Catt Question” cattq, which needs to be mentioned here.

Ivor Catt   14.12.2018 To change the metaphor, a body of knowledge is like a large raft on which all kinds of violent games can and must be played, but no one must attack the raft on which they stand, because then everyone would drown in new ideas.