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The first time for fifty years that any peer reviewed journal in the world published anything by Catt or discussing Catt’s work, the articles falsified the central feature of Catt’s work (which is Heaviside’s "We reverse this ...." . Will those journals now allow Catt to publish one page outlining his work, and citing sources? For some of his work, see .  However, in our opinion, Catt probably misinterprets the concepts of charge and field. The “Anomaly” is there because in his view, currents are the source of the TEM wave, and should be there before the wave they cause. – Pieraccini

The Pieraccini peer reviewed articles falsifying Catt’s work; ;

The editors of the journals falsifying Catt’s work are;

Professor Mahta Moghaddam, Editor, IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine ; . I suggest a single page on Catt theory citing sources, reviewed only by the editor. More than one page if she prefers it.

[22 October 2016. Mahta does not reply to my suggestion.

All peer reviewed journals in the world have blocked publication by Catt

 or discussion of his work for fifty years until the Italians’s falsification and defamation.]

Gary Williams, Editor, Physics Education, Institute of Physics; . He refused to allow me even 30 words replying to the authors’ falsification.

Ivor Catt   31 March 2016